‘What Do You Hate About Having… Sex?’ 7 Men Reveal!

‘What Do You Hate About Having… Sex?’ 7 Men Reveal!

Girls, when it comes to sex, everything becomes a personal choice for both you and your boyfriend - all the moves you like or dislike, what turns you on or off, when do you want to do it and when not etc. You keep trying to improvise it for each other and it’s always a great experience to do so when you are in love with someone. But if you sometimes worry about what your boyfriend isn’t liking or enjoying while you are doing it, just read this thread we found on Reddit where men shared few things girls do that they don’t like about...sex. It will definitely help you make it better for him! *Wink*

1. The one who doesn’t want you to try something you don’t want…

Cool_and_froody answers on Reddit: If you aren’t into the same fetishes as me, that’s fine. It isn’t fun unless you're enjoying it. If you're just gonna sit there in the handcuffs judging me I'll take em back off and kick the rest of the fun things back under the bed. We can always tell when you're not having fun.

1 things women do during sex that men hate girl saying okay

2. The one who wants you to take the lead!

Diquehead answers on Reddit: I hate having to be the one that initiates sex all of the time. Come on ladies...just give it a grab once in awhile.

3. The one who wants to make sure you enjoy the moment!

Finitehorizons answers on Reddit: Due to physical shapes of our bodies and the angles required, we wind up doing most of the work, which is perfectly fine...but when a girl that supposedly wants to be doing this turns her face away, closes her eyes, and bites her lip while not moving her hands at all, it makes it difficult for me to enjoy myself because it really seems like she's not enjoying herself.

3 things women do during sex that men hate girl excited

4. The one who wants you to avoid using your teeth!

Anotherenglishlad answers on Reddit: Teeth during a blowjob.

5. The one who wants you to break the monotony and...enjoy!

Chewy_nipsahoy answers on Reddit: Routines. Some women want the same position and motions every time with no variety, and it's boring.

5 things women do during sex that men hate girl saying yes

6. The one who doesn’t like...tickling!

Anonymous answers on Reddit: Kissing my lower stomach area. I am extremely ticklish and you are about to catch a knee to the face and I will assume no blame.

7. The one who wants you to keep it real!

Anonymous answers on Reddit: Excessive moaning.

7 things women do during sex that men hate britany spears smiling

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.


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