Yes, Valentine's Day Is Great & All But What's With The Pressure To 'Do Something Today'?

Yes, Valentine's Day Is Great & All But What's With The Pressure To 'Do Something Today'?

February is the best. It's my birthday month, the weather in Delhi is the perfect balance of meethi thand and sunshine, it's the shortest month yet the salary payout is the same, and it's my birthday month (oh, did I mention that already?). But there's one thing that puts a damper on my 28 days of happiness--seven days of Valentine's week.

It's not like I'm against the whole concept. In fact, I have grown up expecting roses, proposes, chocolates, teddy bears, promises, kisses, hugs and dates all my life. I try to wear red on February 14, too! Plus I'm a Piscean, I'm all about the feels, so this is definitely not an anti-Valentine/single girl rant from my side of the screen. I'm very much in a committed relationship. Which is why the question 'What are you Valentine's Day plans?' ticks me off. Do I really have to have a plan? Why?

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I know that it's in the name of St. Valentine who was martyred on this day for being a believer and promoter of love, but how many of us actually know or bother to know about him? BTW, if you try to Google him now, you'll find more than one legends around him. Centuries have passed since Valentine's Day but the name has lost all meaning.

Besides, the need to celebrate love on one day out of 365 doesn't make sense to me. And yes, that's what I think about Mother's Day, Father's Day, Daughter's Day, etc. too. These aren't special occasions but mere pressure from society to make you feel the need to 'do something special'. I don't need one random day telling me to celebrate love today. Hence, Valentine's Day for me is nothing more than unnecessary pressure to show the world that I'm doing something for my partner. Because if I do the same thing any other day, well, that's not news/special/enough!


Celebrate the saint, celebrate his romanticism, honour him instead of turning the holiday into a money-making business. I have been receiving tonnes of promotional messages lately from restaurants, brands, and even fitness centres. Basically, anyone who has anything to sell in exchange for money. Heck, movies are being specially released on February 14 to drive people to theatres. It feels like poori kainaat paise kharch karwane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai. It's not 'love' they care about but making money in the name of love.

I say f*ck February 14, let's love every day, give gifts when we want to, and be more happy with ourselves in general. If your Valentine's Day plans don't pan out as you had imagined, it's okay. They will happen tomorrow, or the day after or next week and still be as lovely. Don't let dates tell you what to do when. Much like age, it's just numbers.

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