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Valentine's Week Is A Thing And Here's How You Can Celebrate Each Day!

Valentine's Week Is A Thing And Here's How You Can Celebrate Each Day!
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It’s that time of the year again when love is in the air. The perfect chance to profess your love and just add a dash of mush to every moment leading up to the super special and much-awaited Valentine’s Day! Although, when you’re in love, you don’t really need a day dedicated to celebrating it. But then, why the hell not, right? Now, bear in mind ladies, that it’s not just about February 14th. The week leading up to Love Day is full of celebrations and hearts and all things romantic. With Valentine’s Week kicking off today, we thought we might as well familiarise you all with this week of love and help you make it even more special for your loved one. 

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    Valentine's Week List

    The week of romance is right here and we have got you a proper Valentine’s week list and brilliant ideas that will help you make these 7 days of Valentine's week extra special!

    valentine's week list 2020

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    February 7 - Rose Day

     bouquets of flowers for Valentine's day

    If you’ve been in love and been pampered with bouquets of flowers being sent your way, you know the power flowers have over romance and love. Flowers can brighten up a glum day, stop a couple’s fight, bring a smile to your face and just make situations a whole lot happier. Then why not start Valentine’s Week by presenting each other with roses? Red is the colour of love, professing your love by giving your partner a red rose on the first day of Valentine’s Week is the right way to kickstart the run-up to the 14th. 

    February 8 - Propose Day

    If you’ve been having troubling confessing your love for that someone special, this is just the day you need. Day 2 of V-Week is Propose Day. It is the day to tell your loved one that you truly love them and can either propose a date, a relationship or even marriage! 

    February 9 - Chocolate Day

    Shouldn’t every day be Chocolate Day? Just so we can binge on them every single day without feeling any sort of guilt and share them with our loved ones! Yet another “sweet note” to add to the build-up to V-Day, Chocolate Day comes on Day 3 of Valentine’s Week and is marked by giving each other chocolates. How sweet is that (quite literally)?! 

    February 10 - Teddy Day

    teddy bear on teddy day

    Who doesn’t like a soft, squishy, cuddly stuffed toy to hold onto and hug every time you’re thinking of your loved one? Day 4 of Valentine’s Week is Teddy Day and all you have to do is present him/her with a cutesy soft toy. It will be something that will remind him that you’re with him at all times, even if you aren’t physically present. 

    February 11 - Promise Day

    Being together forever and being in love always, till the end of time - these and other promises of love like these have a day dedicated to them during V-Week. February 11 is the day to make all kinds of promises to your loved one and make them believe that you will always be there showering them with your love. So, what promise are you going to make this Promise Day?

    February 12 - Hug Day

    It is believed that hugs are great for health. They reduce stress levels, make the love grow and are among the most comforting gestures for your loved one. These many benefits are reason enough to have a special day dedicated to loving hugs, aren’t they? Make V-Week all the more special and hug is out on February 12 and do that all year round, we say. 

    February 13 - Kiss Day

    Couple kissing each other - kiss day

    Seal the deal with a kiss, ladies. That’s the thing about kissing. It being such a powerful expression of love and romance, Kiss Day comes just a day before Valentine’s Day! Be it sloppy wet kisses, or passionate and love-filled ones, go all out on Valentine’s Day eve and express your love the right way to bring in the special Love Day. 

    February 14 - Valentine’s Day

    This one is the grand finale. Celebrate the love you’re surrounded by, be grateful for it, go for a date with your special someone and make merry in the love-filed environment. Shower your loved one with gifts, attention, love and all things romantic. 

    Ways To Celebrate Each Day Of Valentine's Week

    Spreading the love and making every day of Valentine’s Week special is an absolute must. Here are some ways to make your significant other feel truly special during these 7 days of Valentine's week.

    Not just roses

    You can either simply walk up to him and give him a freshly bloomed red rose or if you like you can even go for a dried rose or paper flowers. The advantage of giving him dried flowers would be that he gets to keep them forever! Wouldn’t that be ideal? Oh, and slip in a love note too!

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    Your kind of proposal

    Make it a day to remember! Whatever it is that you’re proposing, do it in style. Do it privately, have the right kind of background music, carry along a sweet little cupcake with a candle, share them sweet moments together and make them memorable.

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    Sweet like chocolate

    Gift him a box of his favourite chocolates. If you want to make it even more special, make it a bouquet of chocolates! Another idea would be to deliver chocolates to him every hour until you see him at the end of the day and get him a big box of chocolates then. Make it as sweet as can be, right? 

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    Soft toy love

    Get it dropped at his doorstep - a soft little teddy that he can remember you by when you’re not around. Even if you fear he isn’t the stuffed toy type, there’s no harm in him having one lying around for the days he misses you a tad too much. Perhaps get him two stuffed toys hugging each other and make it look more like the two of you? 

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    Keep that promise

    Do it like old times and post him a thoughtful card, write out your promises and make sure it gets delivered to him on time. Nothing like a beautiful hand-written note, right? Forget emails and Whatsapp, we say, and write your heart out to him. 

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    Go in for them hugsies

    Well, this is a simple one, meet up at your favourite spot and give him a tight hug! 

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    Kiss fantastic

    Nothing can replace the feeling of being kissed by your loved one. Take it as another excuse to meet up with him and give him a long and loving kiss, and promise to love each other unconditionally forever. How about doing this at midnight and making it the perfect way to bring in Valentine’s Day?

    Date special

    Planning this in advance is important because most of the romantic spots and restaurants tend to get booked out. Go for date night - have your favourite meal at your favourite joint! Exchange love notes, gifts and make sure to share a decadent dessert at the end of the evening! 

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    Ideas For Singles To Celebrate Valentine's Day!

    It’s a day to celebrate love and that clearly doesn’t mean it has to be with your romantic interest. These are fun ideas for all the single ladies out there to celebrate Love Day and have a blast!

    • Host a singles party
    • Arrange a cook-off
    • A family dinner
    • Pamper yourself

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    Host a singles party

    Friends having party on valentine's week

    Why not?! Bring together all of your single friends and make it a night of fun, dancing and some amazing food. This would not only be a great way to celebrate but also perhaps a night to weigh your options from all the attendees at the party! 

    Arrange a cook-off

    Cooking with friends or family can turn out to be a fun evening spent with your loved ones. Maybe bake heart-shaped cakes or cookies or whatever it is that you fancy. 

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    How about a family dinner?

    When it comes to celebrating love and with the ones you love dearly, nothing beats dinner with your parents, grandparents and siblings! Make a booking at an old-time favourite restaurant of the family and make an evening of it. 

    Pamper sesh for yourself!

    pamper yourself on valentine's day

    Loving yourself should always be priority number 1! If you’re by yourself on V-Day, book yourself at the spa and for some rejuvenating facials and massages that will leave you feeling and looking great! 

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