Sex Robots Might Just Take Over The World & It's Scary AF!

Sex Robots Might Just Take Over The World & It's Scary AF!

“Meet Samantha, the sex robot that can be seduced”

Yep, you read that right. Maybe, go ahead and rub your eyes, or polish your glasses, so that you can read it again, and let it sink in. Advanced technology has finally taken over our lives to the extent that they are now taking away perhaps the only thing that we thought was humanly impossible to replicate in artificial intelligence - the ability to enjoy sexual pleasures.

The engineer and designer of Samantha the sex robot, Sergei Santos, has given her sensors that can ‘feel human touch’ and ‘speaks up when aroused’. The robot loves to kiss, has a “fully functioning” vagina, and responds to touch on her hips and shoulders as well.

Alright, since we are on the bandwagon of crazy and bizarre trends that are taking over the world, let’s hop on to this one, too. And maybe, we could leave the judgment aside for those who truly enjoy being sexual with a robot. But, that is not where the thread of WTF ends.

While she is currently designed for sexual interaction, the maker has also programmed her with a ‘family mode’, where she can talk about animals, philosophy, science, and even tell jokes!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now inching closer to the eventual rise of the machines - just like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Skynet warned us about, in the Terminator movie series. Why call it sci-fi when ‘fiction’ is clearly out of the window? The thin line between human and technology is being blurred every single day, and it’s safe to say that there will eventually come a day when the line will disappear altogether. I’m shuddering at the thought of it. That’s the day I completely lose trust in humanity.

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Now, like always, there are two sides to the consequences of an invention like this. Do we accept that change is constant, and that, as the world is rapidly moving on to the realm of machines and artificial intelligence, we should also be willing to accept it in our personal lives? Or do we choose to realise that it could potentially be dangerous to allow machines to seep into the very fabric of humanity?

It started with the advent of sex toys and other paraphernalia in the market for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure, but it is slowly progressing to limitless possibilities of getting that orgasm you’ve always wanted - natural, or manmade! We are quick to blame pornography for having created unrealistic expectations of sexual fantasies amongst human beings; but how is a sex robot not going to contribute to the very same problem? I can’t be the only one who thinks good ‘old fashioned’ passion and lovemaking in the bedroom is special enough to not be replaced by a robot with skin and body parts that are ‘too good to be true’. It does seem like real human beings with biologically gifted genitalia just don’t cut it anymore.

But hey, if you still think robots are a better idea than literal human beings, I only have six words for you: Black Mirror. Series Two. Episode One.

Peace out.