7 People Share The Sex Myths They Believed *Before* Having Sex!

7 People Share The Sex Myths They Believed *Before* Having Sex!

‘Sex Talk’ has always been a taboo so it’s natural that we all have had some myths about sex as a virgin…and even men have had some. And trust us, it’s always a relief to know that you weren’t the only one who thought so. Here is a thread from Reddit where people shared the sex myths they used to believe in when they were a virgin. Just like these people, you might be happy to know that these myths are now busted. So go ahead, read it all now.

1. The one who thought oral sex was flirting

Lauracatriona answers on Reddit: When I was twelve I thought oral sex was flirting. I guess cause we had oral presentations where you spoke, so I just put the two together.

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2. The one who thought sleeping together was as normal as *sleeping*

Bgzlvsdmb answers on Reddit: I used to believe that ‘sleeping together’ literally meant getting in bed, and falling asleep. Got really awkward when a girl told me ‘I'm not sleeping with you’ and I said ‘It's okay, I'm not tired’.

3. The one who thought *just* putting a ring on a finger will seal the deal

Almcgarvey answers on Reddit: My friend told me that if you put a ring on your left hand ring finger you could get pregnant because your body automatically thought you were married.

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4. The one who thought she would laugh and laugh...

Ccnova answers on Reddit: I thought that if I was ever with a girl, my penis would get hard and ruin everything, like she would just laugh and laugh at me. My parents really should have had the talk with me.

5. The one who got the idea of pregnancy all wrong

My_Favorite_post answers on Reddit: I believed you couldn't get pregnant unless both parties orgasmed at the same time.

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6. The one who misjudged *nipples*

Izzy40hands answers on Reddit: I seriously thought that the nipples had to touch during sex, and if they didn't, it wouldn't work. That was an awkward wake up call.

7. The one who was confused about doggy style

Lovelife124 answers on Reddit: I thought doggy style was anal sex for the longest time, and whenever my boyfriend suggested it I would be horrified. It took a lot of convincing for me to realize that wasn't the case.

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You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

These are so relatable...and funny too!

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