From Content To Commerce: Our Founder & CEO Priyanka Gill On How POPxo Makes Money

From Content To Commerce: Our Founder & CEO Priyanka Gill On How POPxo Makes Money

At POPxo, we care about what millennial women want. In the last five years, we've become India's largest online community of women, with more than 43 million users every month. From reading articles, asking questions and taking polls on the POPxo app to watching videos and shopping for cool products, POPxo has become a safe space for you.

Armed with the knowledge of what an Indian millennial woman likes to read, watch and shop, our Founder & CEO Priyanka Gill forayed into the private label space and POPxo Shop was born as a natural progression for us as a content company. After extensive research, we came up with a collection of products that reflected the personality of our audience and successfully turned into a content-commerce platform.

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Recently, POPxo Shop launched its exciting new range of beauty products, #POPxoEverydayBeauty. Talking about this journey, Priyanka recently appeared on the retail-tech special on CNBC TV 18's Young Turks.

In a conversation with Megha Vishwanath on the concept of content-driven commerce, she explained, "Content is the best and the most inexpensive and effective way to acquire a large user base. Content allows you to build that relationship with the user. We have 43 million monthly active users across platforms now, and once you have this large, vibrant, female user base, you can pretty much sell them what they're telling you they need. Every time a user engages with a POPxo meme, or she reads a POPxo story, or she comments, she is giving us a signal about what she finds interesting in life." 


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Because views don't always necessarily convert into revenue, when asked "where's the money?," Priyanka said, "Making money for the users is fantastic but what is even more important is making money from the users. We enter this world thinking we have 43 million users across platforms, we know what they want, we know the gaps in what they want, we know they can't find these products, so let's make and sell it to them." She added, "Digital media companies today have to figure out innovative ways for diverse revenue streams that they can create and sustain."

You can watch the entire interview here:


POPxo is now available in six languages: EnglishHindiTamilTeluguMarathi and Bangla.

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