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5 *Steamy* Sex Stories Based On Real Experiences

5 *Steamy* Sex Stories Based On Real Experiences

There are moments, experiences and adult stories that are so intense, we always want to remember them so we can look back and smile. Some of those moments are intimate, so passionate that we just can’t compare them to anything else. They are always the best. So here are some of those sexy sex stories shared by men on Reddit which were too special for them.

1. The one who wanted to see how many times his girl could orgasm…

Chugmilk answers on Reddit:

Been with a girl for about a month. We go back to her place, everything is relaxed. We get the idea to experiment. Lots of fun foreplay for what felt like hours. Then I get the idea that I wanted to see how many times she could come. Together we reached 7 separate times, a few were multiples. By that time we were both exhausted, sweaty, and laughing. It was a great night.

Now this is one of those adult stories giving us goals- orgasm goals, we say.

1 best sex - girl and guy dancing

2. The one who finally realized the value of his ex…

Mayt13 answers on Reddit:

My ex. Omg, that girl could shake the earth. We just clicked. Probably the biggest thing that scares me is that I've had sex with other people since her but no one compares to her. I'm really afraid I'll never have that kind of connection with anyone ever again. I guess you don't know what you have until it's gone.

Ahh, some sexy sex stories make us emotional. Do not let her go if you happen to meet her again.

3. The one who did it to conceive his first child and it was the best!

Bognin answers on Reddit:

When we decided that we were ready to have our first kid, and we had sex for that purpose, it was the best ever! Finally no need to be careful! The daughter we had 9 months later is a gorgeous angel.

An adult story that makes you smile

3 best sex - emma stone thumps up

4. The one who did it for a long, long time and loved it!

A_skeleton_07 answers on Reddit:

Always wondered how people could have sex for hours on end, you know those marathon sessions you hear about and think... Bullshit. When I met her, this short, beautiful, fun, flexible woman... Fastest I've ever fallen for someone. The first night it happened we had sex from about 11 pm to 5 am with a prequel warm up of making out and exploring from 8 pm-11 pm. It was nuts. Best sex ever.

Another sexy sex story that gives us goals.

5. The one who went at it in a cabin…

Honsuk answers on Reddit:

I went to this little cabin with the girl I was seeing and as soon as we get there it's game on. We only stop to catch our breath a few times and put more wood in the fire to keep the mood going.

5 best sex - mr bean shocked

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

These were some *real* good stories!

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