WTF Are Achaari Condoms - 7 Tweets That Are SO Damn Hilarious!

WTF Are Achaari Condoms - 7 Tweets That Are SO Damn Hilarious!

One of India’s largest condom selling brands, Manforce recently launched its achaari flavour and as soon as the news broke, the internet was abuzz with some hilarious reactions. They launched it with the caption - ‘Presenting the very Indian, Tangy and Tantalizing, ACHAARI Flavoured Condoms. Get your lovemaking to go Desi and Sexy.’ Of course, the reactions had to flow. After all, Manforce forgot the difference between a bedroom and a kitchen. Jokes apart, just like us, people also had some amusing reactions to it on Twitter and we can’t stop laughing after reading them. Take a look!   

1. Haha! Alright then…

2 achaari condom

Image: TheBabumoshai on Twitter

2. This is just hilarious!

1 achaari condom

Image: LOLrakshak on Twitter

3. Yeah, manforce, answer!

3 achaari condom

Image: shakaharichick on Twitter

4. True that!

4 ac

Image: apka_hamdard on Twitter

5. Funny, we must say!

5 achaari condom

Image: akramismm on Twitter

6. Roflindian never fails to amuse us!

6 achaari condom

Image: Roflindian on Twitter

7. *rolling on the floor laughing*

7 achaari condom

Image Source: Goddamittt on Twitter