You Never Actually Lose Your Virginity… Research Says!

You Never Actually Lose Your Virginity… Research Says!

‘Popping the cherry’, ‘Deflowering’ and ‘losing’ your virginity are terms you’ve heard since you were a teen. But do they actually have any fact to support them?

Today, we bust some sexualising myths!

What’s a Hymen?

A hymen isn’t actually that elastic protective layer that blocks your vagina (no matter what they’d like you to believe) so you can be ‘popped’ later. A hymen is around your vagina walls because honestly if it was an entire layer, your periods would never happen! Where would the blood spill out of? You’d bloat like Marjorie Dursley from Harry Potter.

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A hymen exists in different sizes and may get a little damaged if you have sex too fast without enough lube or if you’re too rough while you are at it. Which is why you may or may not bleed during sex/ while using a sex toy.

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The female body is AMAZING, and so the hymen heals fast if you don’t have regular sex, which is why it might be a little painful if vaginal penetration occurs after a long period. So let nothing stop you from being free with your sexuality. Just make sure you use a lot of...lube to ensure a smooth experience.

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So Why The Fear?

Because log kya kahenge. Your bleeding is a social construct that society fed off and used it to make you feel ashamed of having sex. There are families that disown the bride if she doesn’t bleed on her wedding night - can you imagine? Why ruin those pretty white sheets anyway. Learn about your body and the haters will have nothing on you.

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Images: Project Wallflower on Instagram and Тasha Alakoz on Instagram