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Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Women Breaking The Rules!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Hot Tales Of Women Breaking The Rules!

The Mountain Escape

He was my best friend and I expected a fun day with a someone I had known for years, but as I sat behind him on his bike, something in my stomach began churning. With the wind against my cheeks, my arms made their way around his waist for some steadiness as we reached a hairpin curve. I was suddenly aware of my breath on his neck, the way my body shaped against his back. My heart fluttered with delight as his fingers intertwined against mine on his waist.

I couldn’t wait to check in as we reached the little cottage we had booked, his hand still hadn’t left mine but he wasn’t looking my way. But he had me backed against a wall as soon as we entered the room, his lips on my neck kissing me, his fingers already making their way into my t-shirt. ‘I couldn’t even bear to look at you without just kissing you in front of everybody, right there in the hallway.’ As we made our way to the bed, hurriedly undressing each other, I’d never been happier about the emergency condom I knew he kept in his wallet. Who knew an unexpected day off would turn into the best night of my life.

01  Breaking The Rules

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Long Drives

We had been best friends since Class 6, and had grown immensely close through the years. One rainy night, I desperately wanted a long drive in the rain and I called him to come pick me up. Being huge fans of monsoons, we set off on one of the most beautiful roads, enjoying the torrential downpour outside our window. I don't know what came over me, but I knew I wanted to kiss him, right then. I grazed my hand on his thigh and leaned over to kiss his shoulder, making his eyes grow wide and sigh as I touched him.

"I want you", I whispered in his ear, as I led my fingers trail below to his zipper. He took a sharp right and stopped his car behind the cover of dense bushes. Unbuckling my seatbelt, I swung my legs over his thighs and sat on his lap, unbuttoning my blouse and pushing his seat back. Overcome with desire, he peeled off the sweater from my shoulders and unzipped his denims,  the air thickening with our hot breaths, while the glass was fogging up with the heat. We stripped down to nothing, our bodies entwined with passion and kissing each other with lustful longing. The car was rocking dangerously, obvious to anyone driving by, if they happened to stop and glance our way. But in that moment, I was in heaven as the thundering rain brought music to our glorious lovemaking.

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Discovering Myself

She was so hot that I’d always fantasised about her. Nothing serious, I just wanted to see what it would be like to kiss her. After all, we all have some deep dark fantasy we can’t help but have. It was a burning need I just couldn’t ignore.

One night, she was at my place and we were both a little tipsy. Courage struck and I stroked her face. “Can I kiss you please?” I asked, not able to hold it in any longer. In response, she went ahead and kissed me herself. To say the kiss was a revelation would be an understatement. I finally knew that I really liked her and that kiss led to so many pleasurable things, I couldn’t believe were possible.

3 breaking the rules

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