‘I Gave Him A *Sexy* Hint But…’ 5 Girls Share!

‘I Gave Him A *Sexy* Hint But…’ 5 Girls Share!

Well, there is no denying that it’s mostly men who make the first move in a relationship, but many of us girls have had our chances to take the lead as well, right? There are moments when we wanted some romance but there was no sign from his end and so, what do we do, wait?! Nah, we drop a hint. Girls, you have to check out this thread we found on Reddit about what happened when these girls dropped a hint for their boyfriends... And they didn’t even get it!! Believe us, these responses are hilarious. Read these now and don’t forget to share them with your boyfriend for some laughs!

1. The one where he jumped in the pool instead

8BitBirb answers on Reddit: Last summer I was doing my best to seduce who is my now current boyfriend. We were going swimming at a friend's house, and while they were changing into their bathing suits in the house, me and him make our way to the pool. I take advantage of this moment to strip in front of him, as sensual as possible. Bathing suit was underneath my clothes, he runs past me, full sprint, and cannonballs into the pool.


2. The one where he cared more about his *suit*

Truffleshuffled answers on Reddit: Me: That suit looks great on you. It would look better on the floor.

Him: That would wrinkle the suit.

3. The one where he prefered coffee more than her

Lechat_noir answers on Reddit: Halloween morning 2014, he knocked on my door to drive me to work. We had been friends for a month and he wouldn't make a move, so I answered the door in a T-shirt and cat ears and absolutely nothing else; that bastard walked right past me and looked for coffee in the kitchen.

We've been married 10 months now.

3 hints girls drop for sex that guys don%E2%80%99t get

4. The one where he didn’t want to share the bed

Theoriginalsauce answers on Reddit: A long time before my husband and I started dating we were partying in my apartment. He said he was going to crash on the couch. I told him ‘you can come sleep in my bed’. I shit you not, he said ‘well where would you sleep? I can't kick you out of your bed.’

5. The one where he googled about her vibrator

Wheat-empress answers on Reddit: One time I was texting my bf and told him that I bought a vibrator for the nights he was away at work. His exact response was, ‘oh cool, what colour?’ I sent him a pic of it and he replied with ‘can you put it up your butt too?’ I sent him a text replying, ‘come over and find out’ and he replied two minutes later, ‘nevermind, I just googled it’.

5 hints girls drop for sex that guys don%E2%80%99t get

You can read the full thread here on Reddit.

These are hilarious AND spicy! *Wink*

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