7 Tweets About Condoms That Are Just Hilarious!

7 Tweets About Condoms That Are Just Hilarious!

 Safe sex is the only type of sex you should be having, so on World Contraception Day we’re here to discuss the only form of contraception, condoms, that offers protection against both pregnancy and STIs. Condoms are easy and accessible, leaving more room for you and your partner to experiment.

So get yourself a pack of condoms this weekend and while the boys know what to do (Rs 100), girls you should try a pack of female condoms (Rs 95) and take charge of your own sexuality!

Here are 8 tweets about condoms that are hilarious enough to get you to talk about sex!

1. The Right Way To Deal With Fuckboys


Source: @BoobsRadley

Experiment with Fell Thin (Rs 133) and Ribbed Condoms (Rs 90) and find the right choice for you.

2. He’d Never Cheat On You Again


Source: @SamuelLJackson

3. Don’t Be Ashamed, As Long As You Have A Date


Source: @kelkulus

4. Why We Need Sex Education


Source: @lianamaeby

5. This Halloween, Stay Sexy


Source: @paperwash

6. Consent Is Important!


Source: @david8hughes

7. Is This Legit?


Source: @apka_hamdard_

Apparently not, try the Multi Flavoured Combo Pack (Rs 240) instead.

Have fun fornicating!