‘I Was Having Sex And…’ 7 Embarrassing Sex Stories!

‘I Was Having Sex And…’ 7 Embarrassing Sex Stories!

We have all had those embarrassing moments, during sex, which made us wish an invisibility cloak would just appear from somewhere. But well, unfortunately, that never happens. While some of those moments might remain a secret forever, some might come out as confessions. Here are a few stories people shared about their sex-life in college on Whisper. You have to read them because they are just so… rare. So girls, have fun reading these!

1. That must have been tough to handle!

1 sex stories

2. SO Awkward!

2 sex stories

3. That is funny! Also, we hope you were in different rooms. *Wink*

3 sex stories

4. Oh boy! Glad she never found out!

4 sex stories

5. Haha, did you get to know who complained?

5 sex stories

6. WOAH! Now that’s something.

6 sex stories

7. That must’ve hurt!

7 sex stories

You can read the full thread here on Whisper.

These are some good confessions, we must say! Do you have any?

Image: Whisper