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April Fools’ Pranks For Boyfriend That Will Get You His Funniest Reactions

April Fools’ Pranks For Boyfriend That Will Get You His Funniest Reactions

April Fools’ Day is almost here, girls! Are you well prepared to figure which friend’s plea for help is fake and which one is real? Are you ready to make your own fake plea voice? The best person to prank would definitely be your boyfriend! The cuties trust us enough to not doubt us - even on this day! So get some fun going in your relationship and try out any of our little cute April Fools pranks for boyfriend.

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    Cute Pranks To Pull On Your Boyfriend Over Text Or In Person

    Whether you want to tease your boyfriend or want to have a good laugh after annoying him a bit, you need to read these prank ideas for April Fools pranks for boyfriend .

    1. Send Him Nudes… NOT! (April Fools’ Day Text Messages For Boyfriend)

    Send him a naughty text asking if he would like to see some sexy nude pictures. When he says yes (which he obviously will!), send him tons of lipstick shades… in NUDE! This is one of the naughtiest april fools’ pranks for boyfriends.

    You can make it up to him by actually sending some later! *wink*

    2. The Pregnancy Prank

    This one is the oldest and the funniest April fools prank for boyfriend in the book. There are high chances that you have already seen a sonogram on Instagram or Facebook, for that matter. This April 1, scare the hell out of your boyfriend by padding a fake pregnancy prank on him. Just say it through text, but stay a little hesitant in the start, and you’ll be successful to make a complete fool out of him. 

    3. Tell Him You’re Outside His House To Surprise Him!

    When he finally gets out or down, text him - ‘Just kidding!’

    Or if you think that’s too brutal, hide around for a while, wait and see the reaction on his face before stepping out!

    4. Tell Him His Ex Called You Up

    Men are always wary about their present girlfriend meeting their ex. They just don’t want the complaints to get worse. Cook up a lie about how his ex called you and told you she wants to meet. Then witness his confused reaction. Though, do break it to him that it’s just a joke before he goes and texts his ex!

    5. Text Him From A Different Number, Pretending To Be Your Mother

    This can be one of the most entertaining april fools pranks on boyfriend over text. Ask him what his future plans about her daughter are and keep asking uncomfortable questions. Trust us, curious mothers freak boyfriends out like no other! april fools’ pranks for boyfriend through text

    6. Convince Him That Your Parents Are Coming To Visit

    How does your boyfriend really feel about your mom and dad? This is the best way to know - convince him that your parents are coming to stay with you guys… for a month. In fact, don’t let him on the joke till the final moment.

    7. Wake Him Suddenly In The Morning To Tell Him Your Parents Are Visiting

    We hope you have already imagined this situation in your head and have smiled and laughed already! Yes! This is going to be fun. Just wake him up and tell him that your parents will be here soon. He would rush to get out of there or just be nervous for a few minutes. (the best part is that early in the morning he might even forget the date and won’t doubt you!)

    8. Add Extra Salt In A Dish And Tell Him You’ve Cooked It Especially For Him

    Then bat your eyelashes and ask him if he likes it. If he says yes, give him some more!

    9. Change Outfits Every 30 Minutes, and Act Like Nothing's Different

    This is the best one for all the fashionistas in the house. Change your outfits every 30 minutes, then serenely question him if he’s feeling alright when he seem to start noticing. Hey, make sure that your outfit changes are extreme enough to catch his eye.

    10. Set His Mobile Clock Twenty Minutes Forward…

    And put tons of alarms reminding him what day it is, while you are at it!

    11. Tell Him You’ve Fixed A Tattoo Appointment For The Two Of You

    Follow up with multiple couple tattoo pictures - the worst kinds! This is one of the most effective April fools’ pranks for boyfriend as it will totally freak out your boyfriend.

    12. Send Him A Text From His Bank!

    Change a friend's number in his phone to his bank name. You probably already know a few digits to his credit or debit card. Send him a message from that friend’s phone saying ‘XXXX amount of money has been debited from your account on XX date at XX time.’

    A text about unwanted activity on his card? He will be totally freaked out!

    13. Glitter Bomb!!

    Send him a glitter bomb envelope, tell him you’ve put in a sweet note inside... Only when he opens it, he will be bombarded with glitter. Make sure you put in tons of it so it doesn’t come off easily!

    14. The Pre-Prank Name Switch

    Next one on the list is a little sneaky and only possible if you have access to his phone. All you need to do is change your name in his phone. This prank will work better if he likes to hold on to text conversations for long, so that they can go back after some time and finally realise that “Oh wait, that wasn’t him.”

    15. Paint His Soap Bar With Clear Nail Polish

    This one is easy yet fun. Just paint his soap bar with your favourite colour of nail polish. Yes, you guessed it right - it won’t sud up! Make sure that you have a replacement handy for the time when he finally calls you in to fix it.

    16. Accuse Him Of Thinking You’re Fat!

    Cry, be angry, tell him how mean he is for thinking you’re fat and when he says he would never think that, look back at him dramatically and say - LIES!

    18. Fake That You Are Cheating On Him

    Although we really admire the people who are loyal and encourage everyone to be loyal, faking that you are cheating on your partner can be fun to explore his reactions.

    You will get to see how jealous, possessive or insecure your boyfriend can be in this situation. You can involve your friend in this and chat with him or her (by changing his name in your phone with a guy’s name). Then make sure you boyfriend reads your chat and let the drama begin! This could be one of the good prank to pull on your boyfriend over the phone.

    18. Pretend That You Are Suddenly Forgetting Everything

    Forget simple things like adding any ingredient in the food, what is the name of the company you work, how long have you been together, turning off the shower/taps or any other creative and convincing thing suitable to you. This will seriously make him nervous and you will have to try hard to control your laughter throughout.

    19. Change His Ringtone To Some Cheap Or Awkward Song

    Change the basic or classy ringtone of your boyfriend to some song that is hilarious. Call him when he is sitting with his friends/elders/colleagues. He will certainly feel awkward and surprised while everyone else including you will be laughing out loud.

    20. Tell Him That You Have Lost Your Engagement Ring

    An engagement ring is very important because of the emotions attached to it and the money invested in it. If you pretend that you have lost it and create a dramatic scene of worrying, frowning and looking everywhere maybe he will start believing it too. Make him search in every nook and corner while you just relax when he is not around and then later reveal the prank.

    So, play these April fools pranks on your dearest boyfriend to inject a little fun into your relationship.

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    This story was updated in March 2020.