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10 Cute (And Simple!) Ways To Prank *Him* On April Fools’ Day!

10 Cute (And Simple!) Ways To Prank *Him* On April Fools’ Day!

April Fools’ Day is almost here, girls! Are you well prepared to figure which friend’s plea for help is fake and which one is real? Are you ready to make your own fake plea voice? The best person to prank would definitely be your boyfriend! The cuties trust us enough to not doubt us - even on this day! So get some fun going in your relationship and try out any of our little cute April Fools’ pranks to pull on your boyfriend.

1. Send him nudes… NOT!

Send him a naughty text asking if he would like to see some sexy nude pictures. When he says yes (which he obviously will!), send him tons of lipstick shades… in NUDE! You can make it up to him by actually sending some later! *wink* 1 april fools pranks to pull on your boyfriend

2. Tell him you’re outside his house to surprise him!

When he finally gets out or down, text him - ‘Just kidding!’ Or if you think that’s too brutal, hide around for a while, wait and see the reaction on his face before stepping out!

3. Tell him his ex called you up

Men are always wary about their present girlfriend meeting their ex. They just don’t want the complaints to get worse. Cook up a lie about how his ex called you and told you she wants to meet. Then witness his confused reaction. Though, do break it to him that it’s just a joke before he goes and texts his ex! 3 april fools pranks to pull on your boyfriend

4. Accuse him of thinking you’re fat!

Cry, be angry, tell him how mean he is for thinking you’re fat and when he says he would never think that, look back at him dramatically and say - LIES!

5. Add extra salt in a dish and tell him you’ve cooked it especially for him

Then bat your eyelashes and ask him if he likes it. If he says yes, give him some more!
5 april fools pranks to pull on your boyfriend

6. Text him from a different number, pretending to be your mother

Ask him what his future plans about her daughter are and keep asking uncomfortable questions. Trust us, curious mothers freak boyfriends out like no other!

7. Set his mobile clock twenty minutes forward…

And put tons of alarms reminding him what day it is, while you are at it! 7 april fools pranks to pull on your boyfriend

8. Tell him you’ve fixed a tattoo appointment for the two of you

Follow up with multiple couple tattoo pictures - the worst kinds!

9. Send him a text from his bank!

Change a friend's number in his phone to his bank name. You probably already know a few digits to his credit or debit card. Send him a message from that friend’s phone saying ‘XXXX amount of money has been debited from your account on XX date at XX time.’ A text about unwanted activity on his card? He will be totally freaked out! 9 april fools pranks to pull on your boyfriend

10. Glitter bomb!!

Send him a glitter bomb envelope, tell him you’ve put in a sweet note inside... Only when he opens it, he will be bombarded with glitter. Make sure you put in tons of it so it doesn’t come off easily! GIFs: Giphy
Published on Mar 31, 2017
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