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10 Silly But Hilarious Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend!

10 Silly But Hilarious Pranks To Play On Your Boyfriend!

They say that the couple that plays together, stays together. While it’s great to be in a lovey-dovey relationship wherein you do cute things for each other, sometimes, it’s a good idea to add a dash of humour as well. Now, how do you do that? Here are some harmless yet super fun pranks to play on your boyfriend that would send you both into a laughing riot. Read on and take your pick! (Dear Boyfriends, beware!)

1. Sew It Up!

Just sew up the fly on a clean pair of your boyfriend’s boxers, and make sure that he drinks plenty of water the morning he wears it. Now, isn’t just the thought of him struggling to find the hole to pull out his tool in the men’s washroom just SO amusing?! 1 pranks to play on your boyfriend

2. Show Me Your Balancing Skills Baby!

This is a superb way to put your guy in a total fix! When you guys visit a bar, challenge him by saying that he absolutely can’t balance a mug of beer on the back of each hand while they're placed on the table. What happens next? He will attempt to prove you wrong by doing the exact same thing! And what do you do? Just walk away, leaving him like that! The only questions arises, would he waste two beers or bend and uncomfortably sip them down? Our bets are on the latter.

3. Now That’s Some Phoney Business

When he isn't around, just sneakily change your name in your boyfriend's mobile phone to one of his best friends. Then ring every few seconds and hang up. The person's name would flash on his screen every few seconds, annoying him. Finally ring him again and let it ring for long enough for him to take the call and give his bestie a piece of his mind... Only to find out that it’s you on the other line! 3 pranks to play on your boyfriend

4. Screenshot Humour

Give your boyfriend a hilariously hard time by taking a screenshot of his phone's home screen, then setting that image as the mobile background. Just swap around the apps on his phone, leaving gaps in some places, so that when he tries to use then - he's selecting a blank screen! This one is a really genius plan!

5. Fake It Till You Actually Dent It

This one is simple. Just borrow your boyfriend’s car for a quick chore and then park it outside his place and head home. Before leaving, just leave a small note on the car saying ‘Sorry about the dent, honey.’ Trust me, he'll go crazy inspecting his car and trying to find the dent! P.S. Just make sure there isn't an actual dent or else you may get blamed for it! 5 pranks to play on your boyfriend

6. What’s Cooking? I Mean What’s Fizzing?

Who wouldn't love a glass of chilled coke after work? Be the girl to pamper your guy...but only instead of regular coke, fill the glass with 7-Up, then add as much soy sauce as necessary to make the colour of the the drink match that of Coke. Voila, the ‘perfect’ drink to serve your guy to wake him up after a long tiring day!

7. Because Men Love Their Gadgets

The Earth is round, dinosaurs are extinct, and just like that, men love their gadgets. So what you have to do is find a cheap replica of his ipod and smash its screen completely and replace it with his actual ipod (which, you should carefully hide in a safe place). Job done. What next? Just wait for him to see his smashed ipod and save your laughter for his million dollar reaction! 7 pranks to play on your boyfriend

8. Hole-y Smoke!

Next time you guys go on beach holiday, this is a prank you definitely must try. On a sunny day, when you guys are sunbathing, lying on sheets or towels over the sand by the beach... Just wait for your boyfriend to leave you alone for a few minutes. Use that time to dig a hole of sand under his towel, place it back onto the hole and wait for him to come back and fall into it. Now wouldn't that be so funny? For you, obviously. He might not enjoy it as much...

9. Care For Some Whiskey And Coke?

Him: Babe, can you make me a some whiskey and Coke? You: Would Pepsi work instead? Him: Yes, of course. You: (hand him a glass of Coke and Pepsi mixed) You get the plan, right? 9 pranks to play on your boyfriend

10. In For Some Messy Texting?

Simply drop him a text saying ‘Babe, I haven't been completely honest with you’ and stop responding for a few minutes right after he reads the message. All kinds of crazy thoughts will go through his head… A while later, reply by saying, ‘I hadn’t brushed my teeth when we kissed last evening, even though I told you that I had.’ Whoops! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Dec 27, 2016
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