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#FeelTheBurn: 7 Workouts For The Toned Arms You’ve Always Wanted!

#FeelTheBurn: 7 Workouts For The Toned Arms You’ve Always Wanted!

You don’t need a gym membership or even expensive equipment to get beautifully toned arms. From sitting in your car as you drive to using nothing but a chair for support, here are a couple of tried and tested workouts that have been proven to give you toned arms, when done regularly and diligently!

1. Jumping jacks

1 toned arms - regular jumping jacks

They aren’t just for a good cardio session, you know! Ensure that your arms are relaxed beside your body when you begin, and as you jump a few inches off the ground, lift them above your head until your hands are a shoulder’s width apart. A couple hundred of those over weeks should do the trick!

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2. For when traffic comes calling

2 toned arms - workout in traffic

Yep, you can workout when you’re not moving as well, especially when traffic jams give you an excuse to do so. Place your hands firmly on the steering wheel at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position and tighten your grip so that you feel the pressure on your chest. Your biceps will thank you later!

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3. Push-ups!

3 toned arms - pushups diligently

The classic move for the perfect arms, there’s no denying that push-ups are magic when executed properly. Use a mirror to make sure that your hands are directly under your shoulders and are lined up with your chest. Your shoulders and neck MUST be relaxed, and your triceps should feel the burn, as you lower and lift your body. Good luck!

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4. Arm circles

4 toned arms - arm circles at home

Remember PT classes from back in school? It’s time to bring back them good old lessons and learn a thing or two! Stand straight, extend your arms to a 90-degree angle from your body, and start moving your arms in circles, slow at first and gradually increasing the speed as you go. Do equal rotations forwards and back, and over weeks, watch all that flab burn!

5. Work those triceps!

5 toned arms - dipping triceps using chair

This could be a tough one, but works wonders too! Make sure you have ample space around you for this one first. Sit down on your chair, use your hands to grip the edge of the seat firmly, and stretch your legs out in front of you. Your feet should be flat, your body extended above the ground, and your arms bent behind you holding you up. Slowly raise and lower your body. Voila!

6. Plank your woes away

6 toned arms - planking with elbows shoulder width apart

Position your body, like you would do for a push-up, with your wrists directly under your shoulders and your back straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds or longer, for it to be really effective. For a real challenge, lower your elbows to the ground or lay your forearms and hands flat against the ground.

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7. Show off your headstands!

7 toned arms - headstands against the wall for support

Disclaimer alert! If you’re a beginner, it’s highly recommended you do these against a wall for support until you’re confident enough to do so without help. Crouch in front of a wall and clasp your hands together and place your elbows apart. Place your head between your elbows, and lift your legs up one at a time until they’re both against the wall. Make sure you keep the top of your head off the floor by using your arm muscles in an upward motion. Practice until perfect, of course!

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12 Oct 2017

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