We Asked 10 Real Indian Women How They Lost Their Virginity And Their Dirty Details Are Relatable AF

Priyambada DubeyPriyambada Dubey  |  Apr 18, 2019
We Asked 10 Real Indian Women How They Lost Their Virginity And Their Dirty Details Are Relatable AF


All of us have had some great fantasies about first-time sex. But more often than not, the real experience isn’t even close to the wild things we fantasise about. Some struggled with the condom, and for others, it was over in only 30 seconds! You may regret who you lost your virginity to or feel it was not THAT hot, but you will always have a story of how you lost your V-card.


We asked these women to share the weird story of how they lost their virginity and their responses are relatable AF. Funny and awkward (and some downright disgusting), each of these experiences is proof that losing your virginity may be a letdown (at least in these cases) so you really shouldn’t make a big deal out of it!

1. “When my boyfriend and I started dating, we were already living in different cities. So it was a long distance relationship from the start. We never had sex but we would do a lot of sexting and video and phone sex. However, the fact the I was not getting real sex was annoying. So when I got drunk during an office party and one of my (now) ex-colleagues offered me to drop home, I couldn’t resist the temptation and had sex with him on the back seat of his car. I came back home and cried a lot because cheating on my boyfriend was the last thing I wanted to do. Though we broke up after a year (for reasons other than the cheating), I could never gather the courage to confess to him about this.”


2. “He an I used to go to the same coaching class but hardly talked. Later, I got admission in a college in a different city and moved there. One day I got a friend request from him on Facebook and we started talking. We would talk for the entire day over texts about anything and everything. So when he told me that he would be in my city for a couple of days, I knew what it meant. I also helped him book a hotel near my college. I lost my virginity to him in that hotel room. He had to leave the next day and while we were checking out he told me that somebody picked his pocket at the railway station and he had no money to pay for the room. Thankfully, I was carrying some money and I paid considering it was not a big deal. He had a train to catch the same day so I borrowed some money from my friends and gave it to him in case of an emergency. He ghosted me the moment he left the city. I never knew what went wrong (because the sex was great). So basically I lost my virginity to a douchebag, paid for the sex and ended up an idiot.”


3. “I met this guy online and after talking for a couple of months we started dating virtually. Our first-time was planned. He would come to my city, we would book a hotel, and show up there as husband and wife (otherwise how do you think we would land a room?). So I got dressed in a saree, stole my mother’s sindoor and mangalsutra and checked in at the hotel as his wife. We had sex and it was great. Though we are no longer together, looking back I still feel that was the best way I could have lost my virginity.”


4. “After dating for a year, I moved in with my boyfriend in his apartment that he shared with two other guys. Because it was summers and we could afford only one air conditioner, we would all sleep in the same room. We would lay all the mattresses on the floor and sleep in this order- I, my boyfriend, one of the guys, the other guy. But there were so many of us in the house that it was almost impossible to have some privacy (forget sex). So we made a plan. On his birthday, we were all drinking in the room with no ac (as per the plan) and we made both the guys drink until they passed out. We then went to the other room and had sex for the first time. Now when I think of that night, it gives me goosebumps. P.S. both the rooms were interconnected and there was no latch on the door. We could get caught in the act had one of the guys woke up.”


5. “Mine was really funny. The guy I was dating at that time didn’t want to have sex with me because he wanted to wait for the right moment. Also, he was really emotional about these things. So when we had sex for the first time he felt so guilty about it that I had to comfort him all the while by saying it’s not his fault and that I was itching to lose my virginity. Well, he was almost in tears and I really didn’t know what to say to make him feel better.”


6. “My boyfriend and I were both in college and virgins. We watched a couple of porn videos together first to have an idea about how to do it. Funny enough that even after all the visual lessons, it took us 8 hours and countless attempts to get him fully inside me. Also, neither of us knew how to put on a condom. It was a funny scene with both of us sitting on the bed like idiots trying with all our might to put that damn thing on. We ended up laughing like freaks (after the sex!).”


7. “The first time was terrible. The moment he was almost inside me, it felt like someone was stabbing me with a hundred knives down there. It got worse with every second. Every time he would insert his device a little, the pain would drive me crazy. I finally had to ask him to stop when I couldn’t take the pain anymore. So basically, I lost my virginity without experiencing sex in its full glory.”


8. “It happened on the last day of my school. In our farewell party, my friends brainwashed me into asking out this guy I had a huge crush on. He said his parents weren’t home and we could hang out at his place and watch a movie together. I was nervous but also pretty confident about not having sex because I was on my periods. However, one thing led to another and we made out. The room was a sight when we were finally done, with used condoms everywhere on the floor and blood all over the bed sheet.”


9. “Honestly, the first time for me wasn’t that great. Probably because I had high expectations from what I had seen in movies and porn. So when we were done, I was like “Oh, okay. Is there something more happening? Oh, that’s all?” Not that I didn’t like it or anything but yes I had already fantasized about the first time so much that when it really happened it felt really..well…normal.”


10. “My story is a little filmy. I was making out with my boyfriend when nobody was at home. Somebody from the neighbourhood saw my boyfriend sneak in and informed my brother. In order to catch me in the act, he buzzed into the house. I still remember the look on his face when he didn’t find anyone in my room! To all those wondering, my boyfriend stood on the window awning till it was safe again to jump back in. I sneaked him out of the house when everyone was asleep in the night.”


Regardless of what the movies tell you, first-time sex stories might be a horror in real life but you will always remember it. And even if it didn’t meet your are not alone!

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