A Helpful List Of Non-Judgmental Gynaecologists In Delhi!

Srishti GuptaSrishti Gupta  |  May 21, 2018
A Helpful List Of Non-Judgmental Gynaecologists In Delhi!


What do we want in a doctor? To treat our medical issues without judgment and unnecessary questions. That becomes even more crucial when the doctor in question is a gynaecologist. Since they are dealing with your reproductive system, they are also dealing with the most sensitive part of your life – your sexual history. Divulging the details of your sex life to a person who will probably end up saying something like “haaww, aap shaadi se pehle sex kar rahe hai.” 

So we decided to hunt for the most non-judgemental gynaecologists they’ve visited in Delhi. Here you go: 

1. Dr Urvashi Sehgal

Where: Phoenix Hospital, Greater Kailash – I

“Dr. Sehgal is the co-founder of the Phoenix Hospital which caters to all your gynecological, maternity and pediatric needs under one roof. She’s pro-natural birth and is one of the pioneers in the field of water birth which is what attracted me to her. Plus, her approach is very practical.” – Akshita Nahar Jain, Fashion Editor

2. Dr Glossy B Sabharwal

Where: Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Jeewan Mala Hospital (Karol Bagh), WISH (Vasant Vihar)

“I interviewed her for an in-depth piece on abortion in India. Not only was she extremely patient with my questions, she took a special time out to contribute.” – Nitya Uppal, Assistant Editor 

3. Dr Dolly Marya

Where: Marya Clinic, Hauz Khas

“I went to her clinic in a state of complete panic, having missed a period and scared that I was pregnant. But the doctor was extremely understanding and she made sure she calmed me down before analysing anything.” – Anonymous

4. Dr Anjali Kumar 

Where: Artemis Health Institute Gurgaon, The Gynae Clinic at Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon

“She’s YouTuber (and Plixxo Influencer) Sejal Kumar’s mother, and probably the most publicly approachable gynaecologist you will come across. OBGYN Anjali Kumar has gone on video to answer a number of questions asked by Sejal’s audience. From losing your virginity to contraception, she’s very open about discussing issues common to teenage girls. So you can only assume she’ll be better in person” – Arunima Rustogi, Senior Fashion Writer

5. Dr Geeta Chadha 

Where: Apollo Hospital

“It’s always a pleasure to enter her clinic, there’s a sense of sheer positivity. The first sentence is always a positive comment to make you feel good about yourself. Being a woman of the modern times, she is updated with all the latest trends and is very easy to relate to. Even when it comes to sharing something personal, there’s never a time I would think twice.” – Ananya Gupta

6. Dr Shilpa Ghosh

Where: Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj

“I’d never thought I’d enter a gynaecologist’s office and feel so at ease. Not once did she make me feel awkward or say anything inappropriate. Extremely patient and understanding!” – Anonymous

7. Dr Harmeet Khurana,

Where: Neptune Hospital

“My entire family goes to her! She’s an extremely good doctor and also, quite understanding.” – Anonymous

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