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7 Types Of Sex Every Woman Wants At Least Once In Her Life

7 Types Of Sex Every Woman Wants At Least Once In Her Life

Every woman has a memorable story of the best sex she’s ever had, and how it rocked her world even days after the magic is over. For some, it’s the intense heat of the moment that got them going, while for others, it can be the intimate kiss of a lover that had them hooked. While not every woman is the same when it comes to sexual adventures, there are certainly different types of sex that all women enjoy at different moments in their lives.

1. Zero Inhibitions

You’re already picturing it, aren’t you? The time you let go completely and gave in to your raw, primal urges and just went for the kill – you’re moaning and panting and trembling to your very core. Nothing is censored, and no position is too crazy. Riding, spanking, or grinding – you want it all, and you’ll do them all!

1 types of sex - zero inhibitions

2. Soft and Vanilla

It’s such a shame that vanilla sex is so underrated these days because there’s nothing more romantic than being held by your partner in a warm embrace and taking your own sweet time exploring each others’ bodies. Entwined fingers, soft kisses lingering on your skin, and finding your own rhythm wrapped in each other’s bodies – a picture of sweet bliss.

3. The Fury Of A Thousand Suns

For the nights when ‘making love’ just doesn’t cut it, because you want a good pounding and nothing else comes close. There’s a reason angry sex is so enticing! Headboard-rattling, sheet-clutching, sweaty and writhing bodies using every ounce of pleasure to make you shriek “Oh my god!”, building you up to a climax that can make you pass out with the orgasm.

3 types of sex - furious and intense sex

4. The Kinky Nights

Mixing things up to see what it leads to, very few things are as arousing as the anticipation of a sexual experience you haven’t yet explored. It could be the succulent hems of edible lingerie, the silken knots of the scarves holding your wrists to the bedpost, or the sharp clink of handcuffs shackling you down, under him – it’s the thrill of the unknown that often gets things hot and heavy.

5. Caught off-guard

Nothing gets better than being snuck up on by your partner, and being kissed with a sense of urgency that gets you weak in the knees. The element of surprise, be it feeling him stiffen and wake you up with morning sex, or jumping you when you least expect him to be sexual is something we can vouch for, as incredibly arousing moments.

5 types of sex - caught off guard unexpected

6. “Shush, they’ll hear us!”

What makes the sex even better is the risk of having people hear you, or worse, walk in on you when you’re being naughty. A sexy escapade in the closet at a dinner party, the quiet confines of the backseat of a parked car, the fingers slipping under your skirt beneath the dinner table, or even a mind-blowing quickie at a friend’s wedding – ooh things sure do heat up, don’t they?

7. Climax or bust!

Sometimes, having sex with the sole intent of achieving earth-shattering orgasms is the absolute best, and even necessary! We all know sex should be more about the experience than the climax, but just sometimes, we’d very much like to be pleasured until we feel the pulsating throb of our sweet spot, as we get washed over by waves of orgasms that leave us shuddering!

7 types of sex - orgasm mila kunis

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17 Nov 2017

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