7 Top Foreplay Moves From The… Kama Sutra!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Apr 25, 2018
7 Top Foreplay Moves From The… Kama Sutra!


As a young adult raging with hormones, I sat down to watch Kama Sutra, the movie. I expected it to be a mild version of porn but it turned out to be quite different from that. It wasn’t about just the physical act of love but everything that leads to it. From the movement of your hips to your lips and all the different moves that could work wonders. As I grew up, these little tips from the Kama Sutra started to make more sense. The more you feel the act of sex, the more satisfied you’ll be by the end of it. So I decided to share all this knowledge with you. Here are 7 foreplay tips from the Kama Sutra that will give your sex life that extra touch of sensual affection. After all, if sex is a dish, foreplay is the fragrance that fills the room – leaving you hungry for more!

1. Hug it like you mean it!

According to Kama Sutra, there is a difference between a regular hug and an embrace. To kick things off in the bed, the embrace is what you need. Here you have to move your arms less and your body more, especially the upper half. You have to touch and rub your body with your partner’s to really get it going.

2. Slow kiss your way through it

Your kiss says a lot. And since the Kama Sutra focusses on keeping the process of lovemaking slow instead of rushing towards the end, kisses play an important role. Which also means in quantity, there will be less of them. Your kisses should be slower and longer.

2 foreplay tips from kamasutra - slow kiss

3. Don’t just kiss the lips

It is important that you explore more than just the erogenous zones while kissing, according to the Kama Sutra. So move to your partner’s neck, behind the ears, nibble on the ears, trace your lips across the chest and you will feel your partner’s breath get hotter with every kiss. 

4. Grow your nails out a bit

The Kama Sutra clearly mentions three benefits of nails. They can be used for pressing, marking or scratching. Leaving a mark on your partner’s body during sex is also considered a moment of intense emotion by the book. However, it is also advised to use your nails when things get really hot and heavy instead of in the initial phase.

4 foreplay tips from kamasutra - nail digging sexy

5. Don’t let him lead all the time

Even Kama Sutra says the woman should lead in bed. The book advises women to truly show their aggression in bed. That’s not to say you beat your partner up or hurt them, but just to increase the intensity of your emotions. If you want it, you take it – like we always say (with consent, of course!).

6. Go for sensual bites

According to the sacred book of sex, there are 8 (yes, that many!!) kinds of bites you should be including during sex. The hidden bite, the swollen bite, the point, the line of points, the coral and the jewel, the line of jewels, the broken cloud and the biting of the boar. Every bite comes with its own trick and after-effect. And all of them are supposed to blow your mind.

6 foreplay tips from kamasutra - couple nibbling

7. Let your senses evolve

One of the crucial points of understanding the Kama Sutra is understanding that sex is much better in slow-mo. That is something your senses have to learn too. It’s truly focussing your energy on feeling every movement, every thrust, every kiss with an intensity that washes you with waves of pleasure. So the last foreplay tip is to allow your mind to stay still and feel, without worrying about the end result.

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