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9 *Genius* Shopping Tips For You To Know Before SALE Season!

9 *Genius* Shopping Tips For You To Know Before SALE Season!

The exciting time that we have been most eagerly waiting for – the end of reason sale is upon us ladies. Time to plonk ourselves on that comfortable couch in our living room and shop away. Here are 10 genius tips to shop like a pro during sale season.

1. Make a wish list

We gotta be organised first, ladies. Get started on the wish list of the products and outfits you are looking forward to buying. You can save them on your Myntra app. Even having a rough idea will be of great help! And the best part is that you can keep adding products before the sale.

2. Shortlist your favourite brands!

Staples like the little white dress and the classic denim shirt will have variations across a range of brands. Have a look at some of them to see which one you like the best. Use the filter feature to pick the best products from your fave brands! And then, shop away!

3. Get your besties involved and get additional discounts for the next six months!

Create a shopping group with your best friends on the Myntra app and you can get VIP slots to shop – these are accessible to people who wish list or create groups in advance. With a VIP slot you get to jump the line and shop before the sale is open to public. Shop before anyone else!


3 tips to shop - girls shopping 

4. Research on the go

In order to save time, browse through the Myntra app when you’re on the move or whenever you have a bit of free time at hand. Be sure to ‘save’ whatever it is that you like. Set an alarm for your VIP slot and don’t miss the best offers.

5. Have a budget in mind

If you have a tentative idea of how much money you are willing to spend – you tend to be on the lookout for the best deals without going overboard on the splurging!

6. Be patient

Instead of shopping at one go, wait it out and check out new styles and brands every day. Also look out for the price reveal that will happen on June 22nd. On ‘price reveal day’ be ready to wishlist all your favourite styles. Also, create a separate folder on your email for all the Myntra updates.


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7. Mix and match

Make sure to balance it out. If you are investing in classic outfits, look at a few casual wear options as well. And, of course, accessories, shoes and beauty products are on sale too. So, be sure to check them as well!

8. Check return policy

Certain products cannot be exchanged if they don’t fit you or suit your tastes. So, keep an eye out for that and order things after careful consideration.

9. Finally, have fun!

There are dos and don’ts for everything really, but shopping is therapeutic and it makes you feel so so good. Have a blast along the way and happy shopping ladies! 


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India’s biggest ever fashion sale is here! Myntra End of Reason Sale is on from June 24th to 26th. To get 50-80% off on your favourite brands, download the Myntra app or log onto www.myntra.com

19 Jun 2017

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