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#HeSays: What Do Guys *Really* Think About Sexy Lingerie?!

#HeSays: What Do Guys *Really* Think About Sexy Lingerie?!

Yes, lingerie is often considered an essential for some planned sexy time for couples. It’s also something women love to receive as gifts from their partners. But what do men really think about all that super-sexy lingerie? Well, here it is!

1. You look SO wow in that.

When we first see you in it, we’re basically left speechless. Not that you don’t generally look amazing, but all that delicate lace hugging your curves is a special treat for our eyes!

2. But it can be really complicated.

It might be easy for you to put it on, but taking it off can be quite a hassle for us! Most of us are experts only with back hooks and all of these other strings and straps can leave us quite confused.

what men think about lingerie

3. Half naked is almost as sexy as full naked.

ALMOST. But yes, we often prolong the moment when all your clothes come off just because of how sexy your lingerie looks on you. We wouldn’t even mind if you wanted to leave a little something on occasionally. 😉

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4. Not ALL of us are crazy about thongs.

That assumption that all men love thongs? That’s old news. After having seen some really sexy things that you’ve worn for us, we know that thongs are actually not that imaginative.

what men think about lingerie

5. Once in a while is enough for us.

Yes, we’re not crazy enough to expect you to put on sexy lingerie ALL the time. We don’t mind it being a special thing that happens every now and then. Makes us look forward to it more! 😉

6. We REALLY appreciate the effort!

More than the actual lingerie, it’s the realization of how much effort you put in to look that way for us. And we really, really, REALLY love you more for it!

what men think about lingerie

7. The top reason we like it? YOU feel sexier in it.

We don’t know if you notice it or if that’s the real reason you like it as well, but every time you’re dressed in something sexy, you act in a noticeably sexier manner. It’s in the way you talk and in the way you move. And that’s the biggest turn on of all!

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05 May 2016

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