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11 Things Your Boobs Are Telling You About Your Health!

11 Things Your Boobs Are Telling You About Your Health!

A woman’s breasts change throughout her lifespan. But all these changes are more than just hormonal ups and downs and actually are symptoms that speak volumes of her health. Here are 11 things your boobs are telling you about your health

1. If your boobs are growing in size…

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It could mean you’re putting on weight! You could be eating more or working under a lot of stress, or not working out at all – either way, you should be wary of gaining excessive body fat. Hormonal changes during periods and pregnancy can also cause your boobs to grow in size.

2. If they are shrinking…

It means you’re losing weight. Breasts are made up of fatty tissues that tend to shrink too when body loses weight. Shrinking may also indicate that you are nearing the end of your period cycle, and all that swelling is disappearing. However, if the size loss is drastic and for no reason that you can fathom, you should get yourself checked.

3. If stretch marks appear on your breasts

It could mean your body is either gaining or losing weight. Just like it happens elsewhere on your body, when you gain/ lose weight, your skin expands/ contracts resulting in stretch marks. This is why chances of stretch marks appearing post pregnancy are high.


4. If you feel irritation under your boobs

It basically means that the crease between the bottom of your breasts and the skin beneath them is getting rubbed and causing irritation. Rashes might appear because of wearing a bra which fails to lift up your breasts, or one which hasn’t been washed in a while. It could even mean that you are allergic to certain body care products you’re using, and should only go for the ones that have been recommended to you professionally.

5. If one of your boobs suddenly looks visibly larger than the other

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It could signal a gynaecological complication. Even though no woman’s boobs are perfectly symmetrical, if you do notice significant changes in the shape of your boobs, you should consult a professional to ensure that there’s no cause to worry.

6. If you feel bumps around your nipples

If they appear to be small and pimple-like – they are just the ends of milk ducts inside your breasts, that have puffed out a bit, and are quite normal. But if you notice, one large bump appear around your nipples, it could be a cause of concern, and you should get yourself checked immediately.


7. If you suddenly start sprouting boob hair

It could mean that testosterone levels in your body are rising. This usually happens due to a condition called PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), where your ovaries or adrenal glands produce excessive amounts of male hormones, resulting in cysts. If there are more than a few stray strands on your breasts (and you haven’t had this before), you must definitely get yourself checked.

8. If your nipples feel itchy

You may be going through hormonal changes, like the ones that happen when your periods are due. Your nipples may also itch if say, you accidentally left some soap/cream on your breasts, or if you’re wearing clothes/ lingerie made of fabric that you might be allergic to. It can be tackled with medication recommended by professionals.

9. If you feel lumps in your breasts (which hurt when touched)

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It may mean that your periods are due, causing your boobs to feel extra sensitive. You may also feel lumps if you’re intaking too much caffeine, which sometimes aggravates breast soreness.

10. If your nipples discharge fluids even though you aren’t pregnant

If your nipples discharge a white, milky fluid, it means that there is an increase in your levels of prolactin, which is the hormone that stimulates milk production. This may happen when you’re feeling physically stimulated, or are taking meds that increase prolactin levels in the body. Although it is not cause to worry much, it’s a good idea to consult a gynecologist and get yourself properly checked out.


11. If you can see veins through your boob skin

It probably just means that you have a fair skin, due to which your breasts are more translucent than those of other women, and hence you can see veins through the skin. However, this also means that you are susceptible to sunburn and must at all times lather on a good dose of sunscreen before heading out.

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05 May 2016

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