5 Super Sexy Things To Do With Your Tongue When Going Down On Him!

Arya KhannaArya Khanna  |  Sep 20, 2017
5 Super Sexy Things To Do With Your Tongue When Going Down On Him!

Oral sex is one of the most intimate sexual acts ever! But the thing about oral sex is that the giver needs to enjoy it just as much as the recipient. So if you aren’t having fun, your man will know that immediately and you will both be uncomfortable. Think of the act of blowing your boyfriend as an act of power, the power you have to give him fantastic pleasure. That being said, if you’re truly uncomfortable with oral sex, don’t let anyone force you into it!

Speaking of oral sex, your tongue is a magical, powerful sex tool but only if you use it right. The sheer number of ways you can drive him crazy with that sharp tongue of yours is way too many to list down! But for now, we’ll concentrate on just the magic you can create when you’re going down on him. After all, it isn’t the strongest working muscle in your body for nothing!

1. Lick it

Now, this is an obvious one. Run your tongue up and down his shaft before taking him into your mouth. The sensation of your tongue against his penis will have him gasping before he knows what’s up. Not just that, concentrate on the areas around the penis as well. Leave a bunch of kisses around the happy trail and watch him lose his mind!

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2. Change The Sensation

Changing the temperature of your mouth can totally transform the pleasure game for him! Suck on an ice cube before licking him or have some ice cold water. That’ll create a world of positive sensations for him. Keep some of it by your bedside for easy access!

2 going down on him

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3. Magic Letter R

If you have trouble deep throating, we have a trick for you. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth like you are saying the alphabet ‘R’ and then take his dick in your mouth. For him, it’ll feel like you are deep throating and you can be free of the gag reflex as well! Total win-win.

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4. Around Ground Zero

Don’t make it all about the D! The areas around the dick are pretty sensitive too – like the scrotum, the perineum. Let your tongue lightly graze these areas while you run your hands over the other super sensitive areas like the butt and the inner thighs.

4 going down on him

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5. The Top, The Top!

The tip of the penis is the most sensitive part of the organ. Just like the clitoris, that’s where all the pleasure happens. So do not forget to work your tongue at the tip. For that matter, the frenulum is pretty sensitive too. So flick the top of your tongue around this area and get a free visit to pleasure town!

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So go ahead, blow his mind! *Wink wink*

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