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#HeSays: What Guys Secretly Think About Morning Sex!

#HeSays: What Guys Secretly Think About Morning Sex!

We love morning sex. This is no secret. Just before we wake up, our testosterone levels are at their highest. So, of course, we are charged and ready to go just as soon as we wake up (or even before)! Having said that, there are a few things other things we think about/ during/ after morning sex. Here are some things guys would like to tell you ladies about morning sex!

1. We prefer if you get on top…

Okay, it’s the morning. We feel a bit lazy. But we still want to have sex, because hello, morning wood is real. So it’s just a win-win situation when you take charge and get on top, especially in the morning!

2. Also, morning sex is way better when we don’t make out (too much)

Not because your breath is bad, but because we’re actually pretty conscious of our own morning breath! It doesn’t exactly smell like daisies in the morning.

morning sex 2


3. We’re probably super hungry and thinking of food at some point during (and definitely after) morning sex!

It is very difficult to carry on expending our energy without thinking about getting more when our body hasn’t been fuelled yet!

4. It’s so difficult to get out of bed after having sex first thing in the morning…

Because seriously, we do realise that this is going to be the highlight of our day. I mean sex first thing in the morning – it just doesn’t get better than that.

morning sex 4

5. But a shower right after does seem like an appealing option…

Obviously because a shower in the morning is necessary, but also because all that activity will make us break out into a good sweat!


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6. Morning sex actually feels great when we’re half asleep!

Okay, we’re not being creepy. The fact is that when you’re in that space of not knowing whether it’s really happening or you’re just dreaming – it feels pretty darn great! Especially because we know right afterwards that it happened – for real!

morning sex 6

7. We probably desperately need a nap right after morning sex!

We had a wonderful start to the day. Can we just go back to sleep now so that we can do this all over again?! 😀


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30 May 2016

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