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17 Things All Girls Do When They Have A *New* Crush!

17 Things All Girls Do When They Have A *New* Crush!

Having a crush on somebody is such a beautiful feeling. We constantly have butterflies in our stomach and we’re so nervous whenever that person is around. Our friends also add to the awkwardness by constantly teasing us. Here are 17 hilarious but totally relatable things girls do when they have a crush on a guy!

1. You end up stalking his social media for hours at a stretch to find out everything about his life and more

That’s where you’ll get all the information about him now, won’t you?

2. You also end up stalking everyone he’s ever tagged or mentioned on his social media, especially the girls!

*Please let them be only friends, pretty please!*

3. Find out what you two have in common, be it music, movies or books, and talk to him about those so that you two can bond!

3 things girls do i want him


Look at us, aren’t we perfect for each other?

4. Also, research about his interests you have no idea about so that you can impress him with all that knowledge.

Oh, the length I’d go to impress you!

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5. Find out his birthday and his sun sign and then check the compatibility of both your sun signs to see if it’s meant to be!

Is it all going to be good or are you two going to be star-crossed lovers?


6. You end up staring at your phone all day waiting for his message and you’re just disappointed when other people text you!

6 things girls do gossip girl

Why isn’t he messaging me? Is he talking to some other girl? *wears stalker glasses*

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7. Re-read all his messages multiple times over and analyze everything he’s said to you with your best friend!

What did he exactly mean when he said ‘hii!!’


8. Give him a code name so that you can easily talk about him in public with your friends.

I think ‘Sexy Sam’ was made just for me!

9. Find out who your common friends are and get closer to them so that you get to hang out with him too!

9 things girls do staring

Sneak your way into his life slowly!

10. Stalk him to find out where he usually hangs out and then casually end up at the same places to ‘accidentally’ run into him!

I had no idea you partied here, this is such a pleasant surprise! *wink wink*


11. Work extra hard to look your best when there is the slightest possibility of running into him!

Thank you for the compliments, I made absolutely no effort to get dressed and just put on whatever I could find.

12. Stare at him, sometimes dreamily, sometimes creepily when he’s not looking and suddenly get flustered when there is eye contact!

12 things girls do eye contact

Don’t be weird. Smile and look away, NOW!

13. Continuously stalk all his female friends only to be relieved when you realise that somebody he’s put a picture with already has a boyfriend?

Who is this girl? Oh wait, she’s dating somebody else, she’s off my hate list now!


14. Laugh at all his jokes, even if they aren’t funny and even if it was just a statement and not a joke!

Age old trick we’re all guilty of using!

15. Do cheesy things that we did back when we were little like play flames with your names or the classic ‘he loves me, he loves me not’!

15 things girls do he loves me

I’m not crazy, I’m just in love!

16. Daydream about a future where the two of you are together forever and ever and smile creepily!

We’ll have the perfect house with a garden and a pool! Sigh!


17. Imagine and plan every intricate detail of your future wedding and decide your outfits as well!

I’ll wear a blue lehenga on the mehendi and I’ll make sure he wears something blue too!

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