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How To Propose A Boy On Chat, Indirectly and In Unique Ways

You know you’re in love. Your friends know you’re in love. The entire college/office knows you’re in love. But does the object of your affection know yet?  Don’t wait up, pal. You’ve got to let them know about your feelings and take your relationship to the next level. Here are some unique and interesting ways to propose to a boy on chat, directly or indirectly:

How To Propose To A Boy On Chat? 


So you’ve  become serious with your online connection or simply like communicating through texts rather than saying it out loud? Try these unique ways to propose to a guy on chat:

1. Use Emojis To Your Advantage

All chat apps have a huge collection of love emojis that can help you express your feelings and propose to a boy on chat. Make sure to use lots of hearts, lovestruck and hug emojis for effect.

2. Send Quotes

Sending love quotes is yet another way of proposing to a guy on chat. Make sure to be real and express your feelings khul ke. After all, pyaar kia toh darna kya?


3. Check In On Them

Sharing each other’s whereabouts and just checking in on each other can be quite reassuring and give them a sense of how much you care about them. Then of course, at the right time, you can slide in a text telling them how you feel. 

4. Flirty Texts

Exchanging flirtatious texts is a great way to pave your way into their heart and give them an indication about how you feel. Once the flirting gets a bit serious, you can tell them how you feel. 

5. Share Couple Pics

Sharing couple pics or  couple goals with your love interest can help you gauge their reaction and understand how they feel about you without being too direct or in their face. 

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How To Propose A Boy Indirectly? 


Folks, if you don’t want to seem too direct in your approach, we’ve e got some uber-smoothe ways to subtly and indirectly propose to a guy. Check them out:

1. Count On Your Common Friends

When it comes to giving your love life a push, your friends can do it the best. So you can convey your feelings to your beloved via your common friends and understand if they like you without making them feel pressured. 

2. Talk About The Future

If you’ve been talking to a guy or have been going on dates with him, it’s a good idea to sneak in the “future” topic. Something as subtle as “where do you see us going from here” can give you a fair idea of whether they see a future with you or not. 

3. Flirt. Flirt. Flirt

Exchanging flirtatious looks and sweet nothings during your dates or meetings can create a good base for you to propose to a guy directly or indirectly. If they reciprocate and you both feel the b butterflies, it would be a good idea to pose the coveted question: will you be my boyfriend?


4. Share A Proposal Story

You can share a cute proposal story of your friend and gauge their reaction. You can even ask them how their dream proposal would be and drop in some hints accordingly.

5. Drop In Subtle Hints

Drop some hints about how you see something long-term between both of you. You can also make an effort to get to know his family, especially his siblings. If your next step is marriage, this will be a huge hint for him. Also, it never hurts to bond with your significant other’s family, so it is a win-win situation.

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How To Propose A Boy In Unique Ways


Being nervous before proposing to your dream man is totally natural ladies. However, deciding what to say, when to say and how to say, is extremely crucial and important too. Whatever your goal is, to propose to him for marriage or to ask him out on a date, we’ve got the solution for you. Here’s your answer to how to propose to a boy in a unique way, if you want to take your friendly banter to the next step.


1. Propose To Him Over Dinner 

Nothing can beat the magic of proposing over a romantic dinner. So if your boyfriend is a romantic then you can plan a candlelight dinner to surprise him. Make a booking at his favourite restaurant, ask them to decorate the table and order his favourite food. And to pop the question, you can go for the classic ‘ring in the drink’ stint, but instead of a traditional champagne, go with his favourite drink. Give it a finishing touch by adding a violinist to the mix.

2. Propose To Him At An Event 

Throughout your relationship, or maybe at some point in your talking stage, you might have figured out his favourite things to do. It can be attending concerts of his favourite band or a musician, comic con, a marathon, or even a food fest in your town. Proposing at an event is a great way to make it even more memorable. And if everything goes well, it can become an interesting anecdote that you both can cherish for life. 

3. Propose To Him At A Public Place 

Proposing at a public place can be a lil scary and intimidating, but it is definitely unique and the moment will be totally unforgettable. You can go to your favourite mall, a shopping complex or even a club. It can also be a place where you had your first date or met for the first time. And if you are a fan of The Office, then you’ll definitely remember the scene where Jim proposes to Pam near a convenient store, totally adorbs!      

4. Propose To Him With A Pet 

Well who can say no to those kind and adorable eyes! Make your pet part of your proposal plan by hanging a proposal message around your pet’s leash. And while your man is reading the message, you can get down on your knees and pop the question with a ring. Another way is to surprise him with a puppy or a kitten along with a ‘will you be mine’  note. 


5. Propose To Him At A Picnic 

Imagine this: a scenic location, perfect day, just the two of you enjoying each other’s company with some food and a glass of wine. Nothing can make this moment more beautiful but a proposal for asking him to be yours. Trust us, you’ll cherish this moment for life.  

6. Purpose To Him With A Scavenger Hunt 

The most fun and fantastic way to propose is through a scavenger hunt. The hunt can be at your home with hints leading him to the question. It can also start from somewhere that is significant to both of you and eventually takes him to the place where you are ready with the big question. Take a hint from Brooklyn 99, where Jake proposes to Amy through a scavenger hunt in one of the episodes. 

7. Propose To Him Using His Favourite Sports

Well, boys and their unconditional love for sports is something that will remain unhinged. So why not use his favourite sports to propose to him? You can take him to a stadium, organise a friendly match and propose to him in the middle of the match. You can also wear his favourite jersey and plan a sports themed proposal. If your guy is into adventure sports like go-karting, mountain climbing, or dirt biking, planning a proposal at the location with the staff will definitely make it worth it.  

8. Purpose To Him On A trip

If you guys like to travel and explore new places together then use this as an opportunity to pop the big question. You can trek to the highest point and propose to him against the backdrop of a scenic view. It can also be on a beach with the message written on the sand. If you are staying at a lovely hotel, you can ask the staff to help you arrange a date night for you two at their finest location. 


9. Propose To Him Using A Song 

For people who find it hard to come up with the right words, expressing your feelings through a song can come to your rescue. You can also do it at a karaoke bar, where you can ask the staff to help you set up everything. You can even read out a poem or his favourite verse from a novel. Goosebumps already! 

10. Propose To Him Using His Favourite Movie Scene

Movies have always given us countless inspiration for everything so why not for a proposal as well. You can plan an elaborate going on a date scene from a movie, the proposal style or simply enact the most romantic scene from his favourite movie or even a series.  



How Can A Girl Propose A Boy?

Well, the answer is simple – just like a boy might propose to a girl. Don’t allow gender roles to define the amount of effort you should be putting in for your loved one. Pick any of our suggested ideas that guarantee an ‘I do’ and watch your partner’s heart fill up with happiness.


What If He Says No?

Nothing in this world worth having comes easy. So if the person you decide to ask out is not the one, then there is probably someone else out there for you. As die-hard romantics, we believe in the concept of soulmates and such, so if the guy I propose to says no, I’ll just assume he isn’t the one.

However, rejection is a part of life and you are putting yourself out there then you should be ready for the situation to end either way. In most cases, if your boyfriend isn’t ready to get married it doesn’t necessarily need to end in a break-up, you can still talk it out and give each other more time.

Should I Book A Professional Photographer?


This depends on how casual or formal you are planning the proposal to be. If it’s just the two of you, then you should book a professional because you’ll probably be in the moment. However, if you are with family and friends, you can ask a friend with good Instagram skills to click the pictures when you propose.

But if you aren’t sure of the situation, a professional photographer is always a good idea. This way you wouldn’t have to rely on other people to share the pictures with you.

Should I Inform His Family Beforehand?

That depends on how well you know the family and how long your relationship has been. If you have met his parents and siblings, then keeping them in the loop is a good idea. 


Should I Include His Friends In The Proposal?

If you collectively spend a lot of time together with his friends and consider them a part of your inner circle then you should definitely include them. A small gathering of friends there to support you, cheer you on and share this memorable moment will be a huge deal for him.

So now that you have all our inventive ideas to propose to a boy, go ahead and pop the question. Good luck, ladies!

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