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13 Things Your Husband Wants To Tell You… About Sex!

13 Things Your Husband Wants To Tell You… About Sex!

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship, yes, but some things are meant only to be understood between couples and not spoken out loud. So ladies, if you haven’t learnt from experience already – here are 13 things your husband wants you to know about sex. (Psstt! This knowledge has the power to make your sex lives infinitely better!)

1. Your husband won’t think any less of you if you initiate sex or ask for it.

On the contrary, if you never make the first move and never try anything new and act like a total bore in bed – then, he’ll wonder if something is wrong. Men want their wives to be as excited about sex as they are and love when their women play out their fantasies and are willing to experiment.

1 know about sex - initiate sex

2. His frequency of watching porn has nothing to do with your sexual lives.

No, he doesn’t watch porn because he is unsatisfied. Instead, think of it as his favourite free time activity, something he loves to do, when he has nothing better on mind. And maybe he’s only trying to learn a new thing or two to try with you! Who’s the real winner here?

3. He loves when you shout out his name and moan loudly in the middle of a hot sesh.

Simply put, he prefers loud sex better than those quiet, quick sessions. Let’s just say sex sounds are his way of understanding that you are having fun and he is doing a good job.

3 know about sex - shout his name

4. He’d love to hear how good you thought he was, or what gets you going in bed.

Talk to him about his urm, performance. Discussing what he did to you turns him on like crazy, plus it is valuable feedback that he could put to good use next time onwards.

5. Most men get tired after sex and feel sleepy.

Of course you want to talk to him about several things especially now when you’ve just had sex and feel so close to him – but that’s not how his body functions. Most men sleep like babies after orgasming well and can’t help their yawns and exhaustion. Don’t hold it against him, woman!

5 know about sex - men feel tired after sex

6. He is not always in the mood for sex.

Just like you! Don’t belittle him for it, okay?

7. He loves when you cuddle and snuggle with him, kiss him or tease him – even if he acts annoyed.

Some people like to be spooned, some don’t. But everyone loves to be pampered and spoiled with endless kisses and hugs. How, then, would your husband be any different? Keep showering him with your love then. Trust us, he secretly loves it!

7 know about sex - cuddles

8. Also, don’t make him feel like he has to plead with you for sex – there’s no fun in it!

Of course sex must be consensual between you two always, but that doesn’t mean that he should feel the need to plead with you for it. Neither must you use sex as bait to get something done from him. If not, your relationship will suffer and you will never be able to love and respect one another.

9. He feels conscious about his body too and a compliment or two from you would def brighten up his day.

After all, we all want to be desired by our partners and there’s no better way of showing them how irresistible we think they are than by complimenting them in their birthday suits.

9 know about sex - compliment him

10. Fake orgasms are a total turn off and make no sense to him.

‘Coz he is ready to do whatever it takes to pleasure you. So, if something ain’t working for you, why not just let him know than fake pleasure? No one’s winning here. You, least of all.

11. Seduce him. You don’t have to get naked for it, just be naughty, woman.

Make a sexy comment at an inappropriate place, show off your midriff or just tease him with your bare shoulders – just never stop flirting with him. And, don’t give up on sexy lingerie, ever, not two years into your marriage, not ten. Okay?

11 know about sex - seduce him

12. He doesn’t always like things fast and wild, sometimes slow is good too.

Change is the key. There are no set rules in the bedroom. You’ve got a lifetime to discover and pleasure each others’ bodies, have fun with it and make all your fantasies come true, we’d say.

13. He loves blowjobs, yes, but he doesn’t always go down on you because he is expecting one in return.

He is here to please you and on some nights, he’s willing to work in your service without expecting anything in return. Why not stop worrying about anything then and just lay back and just enjoy the moment? You deserve it!

13 know about sex - he goes down on you

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14 Aug 2017

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