#WhatMenWant: 7 Surprising Things Men Find Sexy!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 6, 2016


If you’ve been wondering the same thing that many of us have been – WHAT is it that men find attractive? – you’ve come to the right place. Because today we give you a list of things men find sexy that might just actually surprise you!

1. You Making The First Move

Making the first move is perhaps one of the most stressful decisions someone has to make when it comes to the dating game! Given that the burden of responsibility for this lies with men most of the time, it’s a pleasant twist in the plot for them if women take matters into their own hands. For a change, they do the calling, be the first ones to send those flirty text messages, and make the plans. Yep, that’s a lot of responsibility, but men LOVE the attitude!

things men find sexy

2. A Fantastic Sense of Humour

Men dig women with whom they can have a fun conversation. It takes the load of stress off their backs to keep the conversation flowing. And it demonstrates that you’re a fun person to hang out!

things men find sexy

3.When You Make It Seem Effortless

Trust us, girls, you look best when you try the least to do so! Guys love it when women look effortlessly chic. So stop putting trying too hard to look good – be confident and carry yourself with panache.

things men find sexy

4. Your Personal Sense of Style

The way you dress, the way you talk, the way you walk – these are things men pay keen attention too. He doesn’t want you to act like someone you’re not, he wants to see you be yourself. Your personal style says a lot about your character. Get him to like the real “you”, and everything will fall into place.

things men find sexy

5. Being Passionate About Your Goals

Men love women who are passionate about the things she does. It could be a hobby, a job or even a sport. If she pours love and energy into her work, he’s probably going to end doing the same for her!

things men find sexy

6. If You Take An Interest in Sports and Gaming

A girl crazy about football, cricket, gaming, golf or even video games can sometimes make a man crazy about her too. She’s the kind of girl he can share everything with!

things men find sexy

7. A Woman of Substance

To a man, there is nothing sexier than being in the company of a woman who is witty and charismatic. After all, he wants someone whom he can talk to, share his feelings with, and someone who understands him like no other!

things men find sexy


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