From Pawri Ho Rahi Hai To Nehu Da Vyah: 7 Insta Reel Songs That Are Annoyingly Addictive

Janvi ManchandaJanvi Manchanda  |  Mar 18, 2021
From Pawri Ho Rahi Hai To Nehu Da Vyah: 7 Insta Reel Songs That Are Annoyingly Addictive


“Dilon ka shooter hai mera scooter.”

Just the other day I was speaking to someone but all I could think of was…Pooja’s scooter! We’ve all had days when that one odd song just refuses to get out of our heads. And the worst part is that no matter what we do, we just cannot hit pause. Some songs are so addictive that they take over our brains and start playing at the most inappropriate times.

Instagram reels may not be able to fill up the TikTok-shaped hole in our lives, it is the next big thing! We’ve seen some fun trends on reels, some of which include certain songs that are just annoyingly addictive. From Yashraj Mukhate’s Rasode Mein Kaun Tha to Tony Kakkar’s Shona Shona, we’ve seen some truly addictive reels being recreated time and again!

Warning: Before you read on, remember that there’s a high possibility that you’ll have these songs stuck in your head for the next two weeks or maybe longer.

1. Pawri Ho Rahi Hai

Dananeer Mobeen broke the internet with her #PawriHoRahiHai video and soon after, musician Yashraj Mukhate gave it a funky twist that won us over! Ever since, this video has been recreated by a large number of celebs. And that’s not all, it also led to a flurry of #pawri memes!

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2. Nehu Da Vyah

Neha Kakkar left us all surprised when she tied the knot with Rohanpreet Singh just after their song Nehu Da Vyah released. While the vyah happened a few months ago, this song is still stuck in our heads! Mere kol aake galla nu touch kare….

3. Kalla Sohna Nai

If that doesn’t ring a bell, this sure will…menu meetha bohot pasand hai, kade cake le aaya kar. Breakup or not, we continue playing Bigg Boss couple Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana‘s song (in our heads) till date!

4. Rasode Mein Kaun Tha?

Kokilaben gave us the answer to that question but thanks to Yashraj Mukhate’s background music, we still cannot stop asking this question!

5. Kya Karun Main Itni Sundar Hoon Toh

That one makes us want to burn our ears off but it’s not over yet! This super annoying song continues to trend on Instagram reels and we so wish it didn’t ‘coz we’re addicted!

6. Bajre Da Sitta

Bollywood has made us so very Punjabi but we’re no experts! We may not understand what this song is about but it’s here to stay (psst…I’m singing it in my head as I write this). 

7. Tuada Kutta Tommy!

Shehnaaz Gill left us with quite a few interesting dialogues. And Twitter has already proved that ‘tuada kutta tommy, sadda kutta kutta’ is not just any meme, it’s an emotion. But Instagram reels took it a notch higher after Yashraj Mukhate’s recreation ‘coz we can’t stop hitting replay in our heads.

Well, I’m gonna go and take a nap before the remix of all of these annoyingly addictive songs drive me insane!

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