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7 People Reveal… Their Naughty *Sex Tape* Secrets!!

7 People Reveal… Their Naughty *Sex Tape* Secrets!!

From trying new things to spicing things up, we know most couples like experimenting in bed, and making a sex tape is one such new experience. But do you what are some sex tape secrets that people rarely share with anyone? Well after reading this you’ll know. Some people on Whisper revealed their naughty sex tape secrets, and here’s what they anonymously confessed…

1. That’s a great way to keep him thinking about you!

1 sex tape secret

2. Hey, that’s great if you like it!

2 sex tape secret

3. Fulfilling fantasies?

3 sex tape secret

4. Woah! You must have been as shocked as we are right now!

4 sex tape secret

5. Hahaha! It’s like hearing a recording of yourself!

5 sex tape secrets

6. Souvenir of those good times?!

6 sex tape secrets

7. Well, that was a night of ‘firsts’ for you…

7 sex tape secrets

We found these confessions here on Whisper.

Do you have any such secrets?

Images: Whisper

26 Dec 2016

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