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#HeSays: 10 Sex Questions Guys Secretly Want To Ask Girls!

#HeSays: 10 Sex Questions Guys Secretly Want To Ask Girls!

There are things that all of us guys wonder about – especially when it comes to sex. Now while some of us are bold enough to ask the ladies in our lives for the answers to some of our questions, there are some that we are – frankly – too embarrassed to ask anyone. Here are a few of those ones!

1. Does size really matter?

We hear that it doesn’t, but we can’t help but wonder and wish you’d actually say it doesn’t. More specifically, we’d love for you to say that you’re perfectly happy with our size.

2. That was a real orgasm, right?

You can’t blame us for worrying over this one! Given that we hear so many stories about women faking their orgasms. 🙁

3. Is it so very icky to go down on us?

A lot of girls don’t enjoy it at all, we know. And we’d just like to know why, really. Because we swear we love returning the favour!


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4. What does it feel like to have a multiple orgasm?

Seriously. What is it like? ‘Coz never in our lifetime are we likely to experience that one.

5. Is this the best ever for you?

Come on. Which guy wouldn’t want credit for the best you’ve ever had? 😉

6. Do you get randomly turned on when you think about us?

Do you? Because we sure do when we think about you!


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7. Do all girls secretly like BDSM?

Because, ladies, we can’t get over just how popular 50 Shades Of Grey is!

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8. Can you tell how experienced we really are?

Whether we’re virgins, or haven’t had a lot of sex before, or actually had tons of it – can you tell from what we do in the bedroom with you?


9. How often do you masturbate?

And what do you think about when you do it?!

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10. Do you fantasize about other people?

When you’re pleasuring yourself… And also when you’re having sex – although for this second one we desperately hope the answer is no!

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16 May 2016

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