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<strong>Don&#8217;t Have Time For Self-Defence Training? Keep These 8 Products Handy To Stay Safe</strong>

Don’t Have Time For Self-Defence Training? Keep These 8 Products Handy To Stay Safe

It’s a heart-rending fact that most women feel unsafe while walking down the street alone. Just ask around and you’ll realise how many of us are gripped by the fear of being attacked while walking alone in the dark or secluded areas. But does this mean we confine ourselves to homes and stop going out altogether? Of course not. All we need is to learn how to defend ourselves. Learning self-defence techniques is not feasible for everyone, and this is when self-defence tools come to the rescue. If you lay on the right ones, they can be as effective as learning how to fight. Wondering which ones to cop? Here’s a roundup of the eight best safety tools for you:

Impower Spray By Sirona

A single spritz of this pepper spray can cause a severe burning sensation in the eyes and coughing. Its effect stays for 45 minutes to give you enough room for escape. The best part? It can be clipped to your belt or handbag handle for quick and easy access. 

Kinoki Foldable Defence Stick

This one’s a foldable safety rod that can convert into a self-defence stick to hit the attacker. It’s made of aluminium, is lightweight, and can be carried around easily.  

Hunk Shopper’s Anti Rape Keychain

This handy tool looks like a regular keychain. But it comes with a speaker to emit a shrill sound when you press the emergency alarm button. This device also has a manual whistle attached to it as a backup. 


Optisafe’s Distress Companion

This easy-to-operate safety device has features like SOS messaging, live location tracking, audio/video recording, and siren alert. It’s compact and can be worn around the neck.

Stealodeal’s 6-In-One Army Keychain

As the name suggests, this mini keychain comes with six different features: a keyring, white LED light, a knife, two screwdrivers, and a can opener. It can be of great help if you’re trapped.

VRT’s Emergency Tool

This one comes with a glass-breaker, a seat belt cutter, and a powerful flashlight to help you during the tough times. It can be carried easily or kept in the car for safety.

Lumintop’s Flashlight

Don’t judge it by the small size. The device emits powerful light that can be flashed into the attacker’s eyes for a temporary blinding effect.


Safety Keychain Set

The keychain set includes an LED light, an empty bottle that can be filled with pepper gel/sanitiser, chapstick holders, a window breaker, a bottle opener, and a whistle. Sounds like a complete safety package, right?

These tools will add to your confidence while stepping out all by yourself and keep you safe.

Featured Image: Pexels

31 Mar 2022

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