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Empowering! 8 Women Share How Keeping Self-Defence Aids Handy Changed Their Lives

Empowering! 8 Women Share How Keeping Self-Defence Aids Handy Changed Their Lives

Think about it—when was the last time you went out all by yourself without worrying about your safety? When was the last time you walked down the street without shuddering a little every time a vehicle passed by? When was the last time you took a cab at night without constantly doubting the driver? Hard to recollect, right?

Unfortunately, women in India have accepted this haunting fear as a part of life. But it does not have to be that way. According to a University Of Oregon study, this is where self-defence techniques and aids prove to be of help. They make you feel more confident while keeping you safe. To further shed light on the need for self-defence aids, we recently spoke to some women around us. All of them agreed that having a self-defence plan of action helps them feel safer and told us about how it changed their lives. Read on to find out what they said:

It Helps Me Walk Confidently

I once read that it’s important to have confident body language while walking alone. That’s because criminals usually attack those who seem tense or nervous. Now, I make sure to walk confidently with my shoulder upright and stay alert when I am out alone. I have also been watching and practising some easy self-defence techniques and that has really helped boost my confidence.

Suchetna Das, 30


Self-Defence Know-How Is Empowering

I really believe that knowledge is power. So, I read extensively about self-defence. Now that I know how to defend myself should the circumstances arise, I feel more confident while stepping out.

Gauri Ahluwalia, 29

Pepper Spray Makes Me Feel Safer

Due to my hectic work schedule, I couldn’t make time for any self-defence classes. But I also didn’t want to feel unsure about my safety while travelling alone. That’s why I started keeping Sirona’s Impower Spray in my bag. The pepper spray has a strong burning sensation that stays on for 45 minutes. Keeping it handy helps me feel safer.

-Sonakshi Kohli, 28


Self-Defence Backup Makes Driving Back Home Less Scary

I drive back home from work and sometimes it gets as late as midnight. But I keep a hockey stick under my seat and a foldable knife in the dashboard. These safety measures help me feel more secure.

-Dipannita Joy, 27

I Don’t Feel Nervous During Late-Night Metro Rides

I travel to work in a metro. Sometimes it gets late and I end up taking the last metro. Earlier empty stations and metros made me really nervous. But then, I started keeping pepper spray in my bag. If I ever get creepy vibes from a stranger while travelling, I know that all I need to do is flash the bottle to intimidate the person. 

-Rishibha Krpiplani, 32


I Can Party Freely

I enjoy partying out with my friends. But the thought of driving back alone always makes me a bit anxious. Earlier this anxiety used to make me avoid plans or even cancel them last minute. But now I carry pepper spray along for my safety. I won’t say that the fear has vanished. However, keeping the spray has helped me feel safer.

Surbhi Gupta, 22

Self-Defence Aids Keep Paranoia At Bay

I am a paranoid person as is. So I am always alert while I am out alone. God knows what I’d do without my pointed keychain, pepper spray, and a foldable stick in my bag. I carry them all, just in case something terrible happens. Touchwood I have still not faced any situation like that and I hope I never do. But I feel better with these self-defence aids in my bag.

-Vasvi Nath Sahni, 28


I Can Go Out For A Run Confidently

I usually get free from work by 8-ish, after which I go for a run in the park. It gets dark and there aren’t many people in the park that late. So, I invested in a mini pepper spray that I keep in my yoga pant’s pocket while jogging. It helps me focus on my running and keeps my safety paranoia in check.

Shruti Bhalla, 30

Here’s hoping that the experiences of these women empower and inspire you to take adequate safety measures as well!

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05 Apr 2022

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