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Not A Martial Arts Champ? 4 Foolproof Self-Defence Tips To Help You Stay Safe

Not A Martial Arts Champ? 4 Foolproof Self-Defence Tips To Help You Stay Safe

According to a 2018 report by National Crime Records Bureau, one woman reports a rape every 15 minutes on an average in our country. As per a survey conducted by U.N. Women UK, 97% of women experience sexual harassment in public places. Another study by the organisation shows that one in three women are subjected to physical violence from their partner or a stranger. 

You don’t need these staggering numbers to prove how prevalent gender-based crimes are. The unfortunate reality is that most of us have horrific personal accounts of eve-teasing, stalking, and in some cases, even sexual assault to share. 

Given this dismal state of affairs, the government must implement strict laws to prevent these crimes. But till the situation improves, it’s important to take your safety into your own hands and step out with adequate backup. Having said that, we understand that self-defence training may not be feasible for everyone. So here are four easy-yet-effective tips that can protect you in times of danger:

Never Step Out Unarmed

The government had allowed women to carry small knives in the metro for self-defence back in 2017. This itself speaks volumes about the importance of protection tools while stepping out. From foldable knives and sticks to sharp-edged keychains, you must always keep your weapon handy. However, we have yet another aid in mind that can be taken around without being questioned at security checks in public places–Sirona’s Impower Spray. It’s a pepper spray that can leave the attacker writhing in burning pain for 45 minutes straight. It comes with a clip and can be hooked to your pocket or bag handle for easy access. 

Walk Confidently

If you’re heading back home at night alone, make sure you walk confidently. According to a 2013 study, criminals judge vulnerability from your walking style and are more likely to attack you if you seem intimidated. Additionally, you must stay alert and observe your surroundings carefully. If you sense something fishy, immediately retract to a crowded place or call for help.

Scream For Help

If ever under a threatening situation, scream your lungs out for help. An offender is likely to run away at the mere thought of people gathering around. You can even keep an emergency siren handy. Press the button and it’ll raise a loud alarm and garner immediate attention.

Best Defence=Good Offence

Throw in punches and hit the attacker continuously. What matters more than the fighting technique here is your fighting consistency. This can leave the offender with zero time or opportunity to react. Secondly, if you’re ever being throttled, remember that your hands and legs are still free. Punch the attacker with your elbow or kick him in the nuts. P.S. Keep breathing to avoid panic from kicking in and taking over your better sense of judgment.

These lessons can help you stay prepared and even combat an attack safely if any threatening circumstances arise. Stay alert, stay safe. 

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19 Apr 2022

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