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10 Great Reasons To Have *More* Sex In 2017!

10 Great Reasons To Have *More* Sex In 2017!

No one needs excuses to have sex – it’s such a feel good kind of pleasure of life that you would do it anyway without thinking or thanking. But then there are these health and psychological benefits of getting intimate that would make you want to go ahead and heat things up in the bedroom anyway! So here are some reasons to have more sex in 2017!

1. Sex burns calories

If weight loss is one of your resolutions for the new year, add sex to your daily exercise routine. Trust us, all that heat is sure better than sweating it out at the gym!

2. It helps you sleep

After an orgasm, the body releases a relaxation hormone called prolactin – just so that you can sleep like a baby!

2 reasons to have more sex

3. It lowers your BP and stress levels

Don’t we all need some relaxation after a hard day at work? Well, don’t put off sex because you are tired, in fact, do it because of it! Your bosses will love how you are coping at work and little would they know your secret… *Wink*

4. It brings you closer to your partner

What can be more intimate than making love to the man you love the most?! It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world and it only gets better!  

5. It regulates your menstrual cycle

According to science, having sex makes your cycle more regular, and eases your cramps too. No more PMSing then, right?

5 reasons to have more sex

6. Increases immunity

Is that office AC making you forever sick or is the dust allergy refusing to leave you? Make love, sweetheart. Regular sex increases the level of the immune-boosting antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA). That means no more frequent bouts of common cold and fever!

7. Boosts your swagger

Since lovemaking can improve your self-esteem, more sex means that you’d carry your confidence with elan and everyone around would be in awe of you.

8. It’s a great way to communicate

Sometimes, words are not enough to tell him how much he means to you… But tenderly running fingers in his hair or kissing him on his neck can do it – a thousand words wouldn’t beat it.

8 reasons to have more sex

9. Connects you to your inner-self

It’s a great confidence booster and makes you feel good about your body. For once, you aren’t thinking of how fat, short, tall, or thin you are. And this, my girl, makes a whole lot of difference.

10. It’s better than scrolling through FB and Twitter

Seriously girls, let’s be honest. Having sex is definitely more fun than stalking that cousin of that friend, right? You won’t even remember her name tomorrow! Plus, always remember, practice makes you perfect at it! 

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03 Jan 2017

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