23 Reasons Food Is BETTER Than Sex (Yeah, You Heard Us!)

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 5, 2016


Sex? Food? Sex? Food? Hmm, we’re so confused about which one is better. Nah, just kidding. We all (may or may not) love sex, but we all LOVE food. And for good reason too! Here is a list of 23 reasons why food is actually better than sex!

1. You can order food over the phone

When you want it, how you want it – and it usually comes with extra cheese!

food is better -1

2. No one’s going to judge you when you pay for your food

And, if you don’t get it within 30 minutes or less, it’s sometimes free!

3. You can customize your food exactly how you like it!

Extra large pickle, thank ya.

4. The closest you can get to pregnant from eating food…

… is when you have a food baby in your tummy!

food is better - 4

5. No one will ever judge you for eating and doing other stuff at the same time

Hey, look my favourite TV show is on. I can watch it AND eat my food.

6. No aunties will ever give you a lecture about having premarital food

In fact, they’re more likely to say “Beta, thoda aur le lo”. Yeaaaah. Score!

7. Bacon.

Better than a bit o’ sausage, anyday!

food 7

8. Sure, you could get a heart attack after eating one too many bucket of fried chicken

BUT chicken will never actually break your heart by not calling you back. Finger-Lickin-Good indeed. (In fact, you would be worried if the chicken tried to call you.)

9. You can eat 3 times a day, every day of the month, and no one will dare tell you that you have a problem

Because, you know, that’s just for survival.

10. You can have food by yourself

You don’t have to woo and seduce a partner and stuff.

food 10

11. That morning after business…

Sex: Walk of shame. Food: Ooo, leftovers!!!

12. You don’t have to cuddle after food

But it sure does make you feel all warm and cuddly on the inside… OMG mashed potatoes!

13. You don’t need protection when you’re eating food

Except, maybe, a napkin.


14. You won’t get arrested for eating food in public

Oh, this country!

15. Baskin Robbins have 36 varieties of ice cream. Combine 2 or more, and you got yourself an ice cream sundae

We all like a bit of chocolate AND vanilla sometimes.

16. Because making a reservation for a table for three…

… is a lot easier than organizing a threesome!


17. You can rate and review your food online

But there’s no Zomato for sex yet!

18. You don’t have to care about how you must look naked when it comes to food

You think Cheese Crust Pizza cares about that?

19. No one cares how many positions you stuff your face with food in

Hardly something your friends will discuss at that Girls’ Night Out, eh?

food better than sex 19

20. A tub of ice cream will never accidentally poke you if try to spoon it

Food injuries are not embarrassing to explain to your doctor.

21. Food gives you energy

Sex just takes away energy. #Science

22. You post-food bliss will never be ruined with a discussion about “Where is this going?”

Because the answer is dessert. ALWAYS dessert.

food better than sex 22

23. If you’ve never had sex, you’re a virgin

If you’ve never had food, well, you’re dead.

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