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How to turn a man on using these simple tips!

How to turn a man on using these simple tips!

For all the steamy and sizzling times that you decide to get intimate, it is a wise thing to remember that pleasure is most when it’s two-way. And you don’t need to go the old-school way and go for the big prize right away! Take it nice and slow and explore his body… And we tell you how to turn a man on by targeting a few pleasure spots on his body that you might not have known about!



1. Pucker up

Lips contain very sensitive membranes, hence the sensation felt by them can make a pleasure current run through the body. Kiss him, gently nibble at his lips – it will turn him on faster than you think!
Pucker up

2. His neck and the back of his head

Make your kissing sessions spicier by running your hands through his hair at the back of his head and gently brushing his neck. Treat his neck to a few touches of your tongue and lips – you might be impressed by his reaction! 😉 



3. The earlobes

Well, this one we feel you might have noticed and even tried – if not, then get going girl! Whisper soft and sweet and sexy somethings in his ear, and maybe nip at his earlobe a bit? 😉


How to turn a man on using these simple tips!

4. His back and shoulders

Teasing his back and shoulders with your fingers, or even maybe your tongue when you’re feeling really naughty – most guys totally love that!


5. The nipples

Yes, ladies, it’s true. Some guys have nipples that are as sensitive as women’s tend to be. If you’re running your fingers down his chest, make a detour and see whether he likes it more than you expected! 
How to turn a man on using these simple tips!

6. The feet

Surprised? Don’t be! Try this the next time you decide to get under the covers. Give him a few pillows to lie down comfortably and give him a nice warm foot massage. You will be surprised by how much that will turn him on. 



7. The back of his knees

Yes! Touching him there might make him feel weak in the knees – quite literally!


How to turn a man on using these simple tips!

8. His inner thighs

Continuing with the leg theme… One’s inner thighs are hyper-sensitive, and caressing the area might give him more pleasure than you imagine! 



9. His testicles

This bit of him tends to get neglected because most women concentrate on the penis alone – but it’s a pretty sensitive area with a lot of nerve-endings. Touch him gently and see how he responds the next time you’re getting down to business! 
How to turn a man on using these simple tips!


10. The “Male G Spot”

Yes, ladies, men have a G spot too. It’s the prostate gland, which is situated in the rectum. But since that’s getting into VERY private territory, best to check with him if that’s something he’s at all keen on exploring! 

11. And the “F Spot”

No we are not trying to write the alphabet here, but yes, men do have something of an F spot – the frenulum. It’s the the underside of the head of the penis, and another hotbed of nerve endings. 



13 May 2016
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