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The Naughty Girl's Guide To Sexy Lingerie

The Naughty Girl's Guide To Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie is one of the easiest ways to immediately get a man’s attention. The fact that your woman has made this extra effort for you is a huge turn-on. As for women, sexy lingerie is just like makeup. No matter what others think, it is for our own satisfaction and pleasure. And oh my, the confidence that comes with some lacy, revealing lingerie will just add a extra spring in your step. It also helps escape the monotony that sometimes sets in when you’ve been in a relationship for too long. So why not invest in some good quality and good lookin’ lingerie to turn things around in the bedroom and outside.  

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Why Is Lingerie So Inviting?

There is something about lingerie that presses all the right buttons. It’s the right amount of revealing and keeping it under cover that keeps the mystery alive. If you end up stripping a little to end up in lingerie, even better!

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What Kind Should I Choose?

There are so many types out there that it needs an entirely different article of its own. From matching sets to corsets to baby dolls, the list is endless. And each one of them is equally tempting to look at. If you want to heat up things in the bedroom, maybe with foreplay, a babydoll or a corset may be an excellent way to start. If it’s your first time with a person, and you want to make it extremely romantic, a matching set would be the right choice. So, get choosing!

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Now Let’s Talk Business…

… Or shall I say pleasure? We’ve been talking about safe things, but let’s get a little dirty! I have a few ideas for you to experiment and paint the town red with! Some of these ideas I’ve tried as well and some I hope to try in the near future. They are my well kept secrets so shhh…  *wink*

Mondays are difficult but have you ever thought about turning up to work in vibrating underwear? Well, I did once and I can tell you that it was the most satisfying Monday ever. Try it for yourself and tell me how it was!


This is one of my lesser known but absolutely brilliant ideas. I went on a date, with my now boyfriend, absolutely commando. It was my naughty little secret and all night, I had a mysterious smile on my face. And for the love of god, the poor guy couldn’t figure out why!

If he’s been a little busy lately, leaving no time for you two, then here’s a perfect way to get his attention. Pretend to be asleep in a negligee when he comes home. He’ll wake you up immediately to spend some ‘quality’ time with you!

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Brought a really expensive and lacy bra? The best way to show it off is by letting a little bit show from under the t-shirt or top and strut what your mama gave you all day long!


In mood to do something really amazing for him? Wait for him in a flimsy robe and corset with high heels on. He’ll want to rip the robe off you and take you the moment he enters the house.

The easiest way to ensure he can’t keep his hands off you is to give him a slight peek of your lacy lingerie right before you are about to enter a party. That’ll drive him him crazy and who knows, maybe he’ll pull you aside for a bathroom quickie!

You know what we all love? A good old strip tease. Wear a matching set underneath his white shirt along with stockings, a garter and high heels and groove to slow seductive music only for him. To heat it up even more, handcuff him to a chair so that he cannot touch you!

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08 Dec 2017

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