Different types of shoes to wear with your jeans

Kritika RathiKritika Rathi  |  May 5, 2016
Different types of shoes to wear with your jeans


We all pick and choose our shoes to match jeans according to what’s right in front when we open our shoe closet! But just styling your jeans with the right pair or shoes and making the best combinations can make your whole look stand out in the crowd – even in your most basic pair of denims! There are shoes that can take you away from your ultimate goal of looking fabulous and we never want you to go wrong again! Here are our tips on the right types of shoes to wear with jeans to work, college or an outing.

1. Skinny Jeans


Pretty much everyone has at least one pair of skinny jeans in their cupboard and we wear them too often to count! Choosing the appropriate shoes to wear with jeans every day doesn’t seem like a big problem, but with slight changes, you can totally turn up the heat. Want to accentuate your thighs and hips? Your choice should be knee-high boots! For a casual look go for sneakers! You will be surprised how cool that appears. 


2. Boot Cut Jeans

As the name suggests, you can pair any kind of ankle length shoes to match these jeans and it could be slightly covering the boots as well. Go for pumps or wedges as this cut gives you an edge and helps you add inches to your frame. But make sure that the bottom of your jeans falls at the end of the heels. (The heels should not be visible.) And please stay away from knee-high boots as the jeans will look very “stuffed” inside them 


3. Straight-Legged Jeans


A pair of straight-legged jeans can handle nearly any height of heel as well as shoes which have trims on them! Match this with a pair of ballet flats or pointed heels which have a smart buckle or embellishments on them. As this style of jeans appears to be in one single line it can handle some dimension in the shoes. You can even pair these with loafers for a more androgynous look.


4. Flared Jeans


The three kinds of shoes that go well with this ‘70s style jeans are ankle boots, platform heels or pointed-toe pumps! Pumps are really flattering with flared jeans, but make sure that the silhouette of the shoe is long enough to show the tip of the pointed toe. Same with the ankle boots. Platform heels are your go-to shoes when it comes to this type of jeans! A wedge, clogs or an ankle strap – these work well too!


5. Calf-Length Denims  

In two minds about the correct shoes to wear with jeans. Wedges are the best option when it comes to styling capris and pedal pushers! Such heels add height, giving you a trendy look! It’s a bit tricky when it comes to styling these with flats, though! Avoid wearing slip-ons as they add no flavour to your outfit, and also make sure the flats you are wearing are not making you look shorter. Thus a wedge is the best idea!

6. Cropped Jeans


Best pair of shoes to wear with jeans! Think flat sandals or booties or even strappy heels. These kinds of jeans make your feet look gorgeous! We love the idea of putting together these looks – printed/ flats/ gladiators/ open-toed sandals! Go a little experimental and try pairing this with brogues or sneakers! We love the versatility of this style of jeans! 


7. Boyfriend Jeans


They are comfy, baggy and can be super flattering if we find the right pair! The wrong shoes while styling this style of jeans can make you look like you actually “borrowed” these jeans from your boyfriend! If you want to go girly, pick a pair of heels that are super pretty (maybe in pastel colours) so that this pair of jeans actually become a style statement for you. You can put on a pair of slip-on sneakers or slide-ons if you want to go for a more casual look. You can also go for ankle boots, but make sure that the boots are not taller than where the jeans end. That just looks very bulky and not polished.

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