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Hot Oil Treatment For *Beautiful* Hair – A Step-By-Step Guide!

Hot Oil Treatment For *Beautiful* Hair – A Step-By-Step Guide!

Ladies, a good ol’ champi every now and then, goes a long, long way. It has advantages that are so awesome, you’ve got to do it regularly to believe it. The oils you infuse in your hair are primarily made up of a protein called keratin, the benefits of which range from hydrating your hair and scalp to regulating blood flow to the scalp to leaving you with a nourished, shiny mane – the positives are countless. And the good news is, whether you have oily or dry hair, this treatment suits all hair types.


We know that by now you’re motivated enough to try this haircare treatment right away, but there’s no need to rush to the salon. Here’s how to do the perfect hot oil treatment at home. Pamper your hair with some extra love whenever you feel like!

Step By Step Procedure To Do Perfect Hot Oil Treatment For Hair At Home

Step 1 – Choose your oil

1 hot oil treatment

We all have different hair types and choosing your hair oil wisely will only double the benefits of the hot oil treatment. Here’s a lowdown on the different kinds of hair oils to improve your hair type.

Oily hair – You should go for jojoba oil as the constitution of this is more like that of our natural skin and hair oils. This will leave your hair soft and light.

Oily or dry, flaky hair Coconut oil works well with all hair types. So, if you’re confused about what will suit your hair best, this oil is your answer. It will give your locks oodles of shine and a wonderful bounce.

Thin, brittle hairCastor oil gives quite a boost of strength to the hair and it’s great for giving you longer, fuller locks. It also has drying properties too, and so, a massage with this oil for those who have oily hair will be great!

Dry, frizzy hairAvocado oil is your answer. This locks in just the right amount of moisture in the hair, and more! Go for it, we say.

Hair loss problems – For those who are worried sick due to hair loss, sesame oil should be your go-to product for a hot oil treatment. Its nourishing properties are believed to help slow down hair loss and successfully treat those with thinning hair.

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Step 2 – Wash your hair on the same day, before the treatment

2 hot oil treatment

You must wash your hair on the same day as when you plan to do the treatment. Ensure that your locks are cleansed well and avoid using any extra products such as a hairspray, mousse or leave-in conditioner. Any build-up of product or dirt on the scalp will prevent the hot oil from seeping into your pores and therefore, you won’t be getting the maximum benefits of this oil treatment for hair.

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Step 3 – Heat the oil

3 hot oil treatment

After heating you fave oil in a saucepan, pour it in a small bowl and place that oil bowl in a vessel with boiling hot water. This will ensure that the warmth of the oil remains intact throughout your hair massage.

Step 4 – Prep your hair

4 hot oil treatment

Damp hair means open pores in your scalp, and there’s not a better condition that this for a hot oil treatment, because this way the scalp will absorb the goodness of the oil immediately. So, ensure that your hair is semi-wet, not soaking, as you start the oil massage.

Step 5 – Know the right way to apply the oil

5 hot oil treatment

You must comb your hair first, to get rid of any tangles. After combing it, neatly part the hair and apply the oil with some cotton, one part at a time. Start at the roots and then spread it on the length of your hair.

Step 6 – Massage time

6 hot oil treatment

After having applied the hair oil, use your fingertips to gently massage the oil into your scalp. Do this in a circular motion. Do not be too rough or apply too much pressure as that could damage the hair follicles and cause breakage of hair. Do this for about 15-20 minutes.

Step 7 – Steam it up

7 hot oil treatment

Place a cotton towel in boiling hot water and wring it well after. Then, wrap this hot towel around your head and leave it there for about 5-7 minutes. The steam with hydrate the hair and ensure that the pores in your scalp open up and soak in the oil properly.

Step 8 – Wash it well

8 hot oil treatment

Use lukewarm water to wash your hair after the oil has been in your hair for about an hour. Mix your shampoo with some water and then apply it on your hair so that the harsh chemical doesn’t reverse the effect of the oil massage. Better yet, use a shampoo that is sulfate-free. You may or may not condition your hair, depending on what works for you.

A wonderful hot oil treatment like this one, done once a week should give you a gorgeous, shiny mane. Say hello to beautiful locks, ladies.

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06 Feb 2017

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