Bring Out The Colours As We’re Telling How You Can Celebrate Holi In 2021

Aayushi PareekAayushi Pareek  |  Mar 8, 2021
How to celebrate Holi 2021

The festival of colours, aka Holi, is just around the corner. And you know what that means–time to turn more clothes into pocchas! LOL, just kidding! Don’t you just love the vibe around Holi? The weather is pleasant, flowers are blooming in full ‘swing’ and of course, we’re leaving the cold weather behind us.

I don’t know about you guys but personally, I love playing Holi and sharing holi wishes & messages. Smearing other people’s faces with colours, throwing water balloons and enjoying delicious treats. But sadly, that won’t be the case this year due to the ongoing pandemic. But don’t you worry, as today, we’re telling you some fun and creative ways to celebrate Holi this year, be it with your loved ones or virtually. Scroll ahead for ideas on how to celebrate Holi in 2021.

How To Celebrate Holi At Home

how to celebrate holi festival

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We all look forward to ways of celebrating Holi, right? And if you were wondering how to celebrate Holi at home this year, we’ve got you!

Lighting The Holika

The first step to getting into the Holi spirit is by making the Holi fire. Collect multiple wooden sticks and stack them up together to make a bonfire. Call all your friends and family and light it up. If you’re younger than 18, then please ask an adult to do it. This ritual is performed a day before the actual Holi day and is also known as Choti Holi (Small Holi). This is best way to celebrate holi.


Preparing For Holi

The next step is to prepare for Holi. What are your plans to celebrate holi? Will you be celebrating it at home or at a friend’s house? Prepare accordingly.

At Home:

If you have people coming to your place, then make sure that you have enough food and beverages for all of them. 

Keep some dry colour handy so that if anyone comes empty-handed, three’s more than enough for everybody.

At BFF’s Place:

If you’re planning to celebrate Holi with your girls, then make sure you are well prepared. Choose an outfit that you wouldn’t mind throwing away.

Carry some dry colours, water balloons, water sprays ‘coz more the merrier!

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Celebrating Holi

It’s time to celebrate Holi! Make sure you’ve prepped both your skin and hair before celebrating Holi. Wear an outfit that fits comfortably and also won’t break your heart when you have to throw it away later!

Visiting Friends And Family

A beautiful Holi tradition involves meeting all your friends and family the next day. It is an amazing day to exchange gifts, meet your old buddies and have a great time while feasting on tasty treats.

Feasting On Tasty Treats

Probably the best thing about Holi celebration ideas are the yummy traditional dishes, especially gujiya, that you get to gorge on. Make sure you prep in advance for all the delicacies you’ll be making so when your friends do come to visit, they wouldn’t wanna leave!

How To Celebrate Holi In Office

holi celebration ideas

If you’re among the few unlucky ones whose offices have opened, then you must try these awesome ways to celebrate Holi in office.

Organize A Lunch

how to celebrate holi festival

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Nothing brings people together like delicious food, right? And there’s something extra special about Holi dishes.

If you’re celebrating Holi at your office in 2021, then having a mini lunch party is a great reminder of the ‘normal’ times. Everyone can bring home-cooked meals or you can order from a restaurant. And then, dig in!

Rangoli Competition

Is it even possible to celebrate Holi without making rangolis?! Instead of everyone making rangolis in a room, create a tiny, colourful masterpiece on your desk. Make sure you bring all the supplies you need from your home and may the best design win!

Make Your Own Drink

Another great ideas to celebrate holi at office is by making your own drinks! Have a mini bar set-up with mixers, edible flowers and the works. Everyone can DIY their own unique cocktail, share on Instagram and cheers!

Dance Competitions

Holi Party Celebration Ideas

Holi Party Celebration Ideas – Freepik

Time to tell all your fellow colleagues to watch out for the biggest competition of the year! Everyone gets to choose a song and will be given 15 minutes to prepare a dance for a minute or so. This is how you can celebrate holi festival in office.

How To Celebrate Holi Virtually

With Corona still haunting us, it’s better to play Holi virtually than smearing each other’s faces with colours. With that being said, here’s how you can easily celebrate Holi virtually being at your home.

PS: Who knew that celebrating Holi virtually can be so fun?

Send Each Other Colours

We agree that being intimate with people is not the best idea RN but that doesn’t mean that you cannot play Holi. If your friend is sitting halfway across the world, then it’s time to make them feel at home. Send a care package and include some Holi essentials such as dry colours. And of course, you always have a video call to play Holi virtually with all your loved ones. 

Order Their Fave Food Items

Nothing pleases a person other than food. And if you truly love your BFFs, then get their fave food items delivered to their place and have a virtual feast! It can be something as basic as a burger or some #HoiSpecial dishes like mithais. This way you can celebrate holi virtually.

Have Contests And Games

Another great holi celebration idea – Have a virtual pawri with your BFFs. And instead of just catching up, play games. Snakes and ladders, crosswords, Among Us– there are so many ways to have fun online. You can also play antakshari, Hollywood-Bollywood and even dumb charades with your best pals.

Use above mentioned holi celebration ideas 2021 and ways to celebrate holi with your family & friends. Have a Happy Holi, guys!

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