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50 Holi Captions For Instagram That’ll Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Feed! (2023)

Holi is just around the corner, and we’re pretty sure you’ve decided to celebrate with your friends and family, be it virtually or in person. Aside from purchasing Holi colours, decorating your house, and ordering delicious sweets, you shouldn’t miss out on making memories and clicking pictures for the ‘gram. We’ve curated a list of Holi captions 2023 to sort you out. Scroll ahead for Holi captions in English and start uploading!

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Best Holi Captions For Instagram In English

Here are some Holi captions 2023 curated for you to post, along with your colourful Holi pictures!

  1. Unleash the inner child within you this Holi. Breathe, Enjoy, and Get together with those friends with whom you spent your childhood.
  2. Let’s colour our differences and water our dying hopes, Let’s reunite and celebrate this festival of togetherness.
  3. The only festival where colours are celebrated. Holi dissolves castes, creed, discriminations, and racism.
  4. Wash away your insecurities and fears with colourful waters.
  5. Play with colours and water to dilute the differences and celebrate unity.
  6. This festival of colours brought back an entire roller coaster of emotions – naivety, innocence, happiness, carefreeness.
  7. Holi is the perfect day for human connections. This Holi, make the effort to form new friendships and revive old ones.
  8. This Holi, kill those bad habits which you always wanted to leave and be open to life’s surprises.
  9. Love those colours because they always remind me of you.
  10. Maybe you don’t like Holi – the festival of colours. But, to me, you are a festival, a celebration of life.
  11. Find no reason to excuse yourself from this extravagant, pious, joyous, and wonderful merriment of colours.
  12. Holi is the celebration of unity where everyone seems of the same colour.

Holi Shayari in Hindi


Captions For Holi Pics

Scroll below to read through our happy Holi captions and make a difference to your next upload!

  1. My squad makes my life colourful.
  2. Add more colour into my life every day, just like you have coloured my cheeks today.
  3. I wish that every colour adds some more happiness to your life. Have a very happy Holi!
  4. Holi is best celebrated with friends with whom you spent your childhood.
  5. Colours are what make us feel alive. Let there be more of them.
  6. The squad is what we believe in. With the best squad, comes the best days of celebration and life becomes more and more interesting.
  7. Spread the message of love and make this day the best day of your life.
  8. Let these colours bring joy and prosperity to your homes and lives.
  9. Let’s make our memories a little more colourful.
  10. Fill your life with colours of happiness.
  11. Unleash the inner child within you this Holi. Breathe, Enjoy, and Get together with those friends with whom you spent your childhood.

Holi Wishes in Hindi

Funny Holi Captions 2023

Want to add a hint of humour to your Holi pictures? Spread love, life, & laughter with our curated list of funny Holi Instagram captions!

  1. The countdown has started. Can’t wait for the colourful festival day of the year to arrive & eat some Gujiyas. 
  2. Gujiyas are my all-time love. Happy Holi to all!
  3. Nothing has made me happier than colouring your face, darling. Happy Holi everyone!
  4. Gujiyas, colours, sweets, and your face, what more do I need on Holi? Happy Holi everyone!
  5. Gujiyas, colours, & unnecessary giggles & laughter, this is what my complete Holi looks like!
  6. I can celebrate my Holi with you every day. Ask how? All I have to do is dip your face in a coloured tub! Happy Holi guys!
  7. Holi is a day to communicate love by painting faces!
  8. Holi is a perfect day to awaken the notorious child in you. Happy Holi!
  9. Yes, you are beautiful my darling, but today you look quite funny! Happy Holi to all!
  10. Time to grab some Gujiyas! Happy Holi everyone!

Holi Edition Quiz


Short Holi Captions In English

Here are some of the best short captions on Holi to post & make your feed go from basic to bright!

  1. Blushed my cheeks, Coloured my soul!
  2. Embossed the hues on love!
  3. Let’s dissolve our egos in the burning fire and colour our souls with empathy and love.
  4. Sprinkle some colours into your dull life.
  5. Let the inner child free this Holi. Enjoy this festival with a glint in your eyes and a spring on your feet. Don’t hold back. Just let go! 
  6. Let this day be a celebration of reunion, togetherness and love. Happy Holi!
  7. Celebrating colours, celebrating friendships!
  8. Style is what I carry. Colours are just an add-on.
  9. Holi is not just a festival of colours. It’s a festival of emotions and carefreeness.
  10. Burn the flames of indifference and light up the fire of unity. Enjoy the day!

Holi ke Gane

One Word Captions For Holi

Not all pictures need wordy captions. So, below we’ve got a list of one-word Holi special captions for you to say less & shine more!

  1. Hunted!
  2. Hued!
  3. Painted!
  4. Tinged!
  5. Chaos!
  6. Unity!
  7. Coloured!
  8. United!
  9. Rainbowed!
  10. Squad

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Feel free to take cues from our list of Holi photo captions. Happy Holi guys!

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