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31 Best Holi Games – Holi Party Games for Kitty Party, Kids & Couples 2023

31 Best Holi Games – Holi Party Games for Kitty Party, Kids & Couples 2023

India’s diverse culture and traditions give birth to numerous festivals and occasions to celebrate. In fact, many Indian festivals are celebrated not just in our country, but all over the world. One of my favourites is Holi! It’s the festival of colours and is all about spreading love, joy, and sharing holi wishes. With the date just around the corner, if you’re looking to make the festival exciting, we have just what you need. Check out our list of the best Holi games that’ll make your Holi celebrations even more fun!

Holi Party Games Ideas


What’s a Holi party without games?! Check out our awesome suggestions for holi games and get set go! 

Bucket Blast – Family Holi Game

By the name you might have guessed that this holi game involves getting all wet! Participants have to carry a mug with holes at the base over his/her head and fill the bucket within the allotted time frame. Whoever fills the bucket first is the winner.

Holi Special Rangoli Design


Find the Coin – Holi Game For Office

A fun Holi party game where the participants have to search for a coin in the coloured water. Now that’s simple and so much fun! 

Holi Shayari in Hindi

Knitting the Balloons

It’s a one-minute Holi party game where the participants have to pick the water-filled balloons with the help of knitting needles and place them in a second vessel without bursting them.

Holi Wishes in Hindi


Pop the Balloons – Holi Party Game

This one is good to add to your family Holi games 2023 list. The goal is to get your opponent drenched first by popping balloons on them! 

Holi Rituals

Hurdle Holi Race

Looking for Holi games for the office? Create a race track with little hurdles/tasks such as filling a small bucket with water using pichkari or filling water balloons. The one who completes the race first is the winner.

Holi ke Gane


Coin Tower – Holi Game

This one-minute Holi game 2023 is all about making a tower of coins in a small thin plastic bowl. The trick is that the plastic bowl will be floating in a bigger glass bowl filled with water, thus making it really difficult! 

Holi jokes in Hindi

Pass the Sponge – Holi Party Game Idea

This one is just like passing the parcel. If you were looking for Holi party game ideas, you’ll love ‘pass the sponge’. So you all sit in a circle and pass the wet sponge soaked in water and the person on whom the music stops, gets a dare!

Wet Sponge Relay

In this Holi game for 2023, one has to transfer the water from one bucket to another bucket using only a sponge. Now that sounds like a fun task! 


Holi Hai – Enjoy Holi Games

In this Holi party game, the participants have to pick 5 things related to the Holi celebration from the surrounding area within 30 secs.

Toss the Balloons – Holi Game for Couples

This is one of the best Holi games for couples. In this game, each pair has to collect the maximum number of water balloons tossed by another person. Now, how far apart you want them to stand is totally up to you!

Holi Nail Art Designs

Flower Power – Holi Party Games For Couples

This game can also be included in the Holi games for couples list. In this couple game, one partner has to collect flowers and the other has to make a garland out of them. The time is less, so hurry up!


Stomping the Balloons – Holi Games for Office

The name itself suggests what the game will be like! It’s a good one for Holi games for the office. Give 20-30 water balloons to two participants and they have to stomp as many as they can in 30 secs or so. The one with the least remaining balloons at the end time wins! 

Fill the Bucket – Holi Party Game

When it comes to Holi games, you know buckets and water has to be there. In this fun Holi party game, one has to transfer water from one bucket to another using a water gun. You can keep both buckets as far apart as you wish! 

Fun With Balloons – Games for Holi Party

Just like the previous game, here one has to fill the maximum number of balloons with the help of pichkari, and then empty those balloons in a glass. Whoever has more water in their glass when the time ends, wins the game. 

Holi Tambola

If you’re looking for games for Holi, tambola has to find a mention, right?! A super fun Holi game with multiple players, this one never gets old. So just buy a tambola set and get going. 


Colour Me Pretty

Played in pairs, one person has to colour the other one’s face using Holi colours, but artistically! Appoint 2-3 judges to pick a winner based on their talent. 

How To Remove Holi Colours

Balloons All Over

In this Holi game 2023, there will be two groups and in each group, players will stand behind one another and pass the water balloons from the bucket beginning from the first player to the last person. The passing of the balloon will take place by odd and even passing methods. One will pass over the head whereas the next person will pass under the legs. The maximum number of balloons collected by a team will be declared as the winner.

Balloon Dare

Games for Holi party should be interesting and this one sure is a fave. In this game, each balloon will come with a piece of note that has dares written on it. Each guest receives one balloon and has to perform the activity mentioned in the note.


Skip & Save Water

In this activity, one has to take his/her mug of water and then jump or skip the rope, or any other hurdle, all the while making sure to not spill the water from their mug. The one that saves more, is the winner.

#Write Holi Hai

This game is excellent for Holi games for kitty party. In this game, each person has to write “Holi Hai” with their left hand on paper as many times as they can. If the person is left-handed, then for him/her it’s a right-hand challenge.

Taste the Drink

Your list of games for Holi celebrations cannot be complete without one of the best drinking games ‘Taste & Guess’. Blindfold the participants and keep a set of unique flavoured drinks and ask them to taste and guess the drink. The person who is able to guess the maximum number of drinks correctly is declared the winner.

Holi Quiz


Burst the Floating Balloon

In this Holi game for kids, air-filled balloons are floating on water, and one has to burst a max number of balloons using toothpicks.

War of Balloons

In this Holi game 2023, two teams can battle each other and declare war on each other with water balloons. The ones that get hit by the water balloon are considered out, so in the end, the number of members in a particular team left will decide who the winner is.

#Catch & Pass The Balloon

A gathering party game where every player will take part and gather the maximum number of water balloons. Within two minutes the player from one end has to pick up a water balloon and pass it to the next person standing in the chain until the last person receives it and collects it in a bucket. While passing, if any balloon falls down or gets burst then it’s not counted. The group that collects the maximum balloon in their bucket is the winner.

Holi Game Ideas for Kids


Holi party game ideas for kids are plenty. So if you’re looking for Holi party ideas for kids, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the games you can include for kids in your Holi games list.


Passing the Leaking Balloon

In this Holi game, kids can stand in a circle and pass the leaked balloon to the next kid. This goes on until the balloon is completely empty. The kid with an empty balloon is considered out and the game continues with the rest. 

Pop the Balloon

This one is different from the one mentioned above. Here the kid has to take a water balloon and run from one point to another point and then pop the balloon by sitting on it. The maximum number of balloons popped by a kid will be considered the winner.

Shoot it Out

When you have your Holi party game ideas for kids ready, do not forget to add this game to the list, as kids will definitely love this one. Here one needs to shoot candles off using a water gun!

Holi Hairstyle


Holi Games For Kitty Party


Have an upcoming kitty party to attend? How about making it exciting by introducing some games to it? Check out some of the best Holi games for kitty party:

Rangon Ke Saath Dil Ki Baat

All you need is a pen and paper to play this game. Every woman has to write a letter to their husband using the maximum number of colours in the text. For instance, “tum gusse mein laal peele ho jaate ho.” 

Holi Bollywood Wali

For this game, the host has to write numerous holi songs on paper and take printouts. Hand a copy to each player. The challenge is to write the correct movie name against each song in a minute. Whoever guesses that maximum movies wins.

Rang Lagaake Jeeto

Get as many colours of gulaal as you can. Keep them all at the entrance and assign marks to each colour. Now, ask everyone to put any 3 colours on their cheeks. Once everyone is done, calculate the marks according to their gulaal colours. And voila! The woman with the max marks wins.


Water Balloon Pinata

The host has to arrange water-filled balloons and hang them at a height. You have to call the player one by one and give them 3 chances to pop the balloons. Whoever pops the maximum wins the game.

Channel Your Inner Artist

This game is best for all the creative women out there. Give a pen and paper to each player and ask them to draw Holi-related things in one minute. Whoever draws the maximum number of objects wins the game.

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