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11 Holi Skincare Tips To Enjoy The Festival Without Worry!

So what if Holi is a month away? The preparations must begin from now itself! Have you booked a DJ and a caterer yet? Started forwarding friends Happy Holi quotes? Or even better, making Holi colours at home? If yes, good going! Apart from your Holi outfit, another important decision you need to make is skincare. Do you have a pre and post skincare routine in place? If not, don’t worry. We’re here to help you prepare for the festival of colours with our Holi skincare tips!

Best Pre-Holi Skincare Tips

“Prevention is better than cure”, and this Holi, we’re going to put this quote into action. As you know, most Holi colours are known to leave behind stains on the skin or even worse, cause inflammation. Follow our pre-Holi skincare tips so that you and your skin can stay safe while having fun!

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Apply Dark Nail Polish

Since you will be using your fingers to hold and apply colour to your loved ones, know for a fact than your nails and cuticles are prone to colour staining. Play it safe by opting for dark nail polish colours such as brown, maroon, navy blue or black. Coat your nails with petroleum jelly to prevent the colour from staining and damaging them.

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Rub That Ice Cube On

pre holi skincare tips

We all know that ice cubes help to tighten the skin and close the pores. This is precisely why we recommend you to rub ice cubes all over your face and body before going out to celebrate Holi. Rubbing the ice cubes for 10-15 minutes will close the pores and prevent harmful colours from penetrating into the skin and causing breakouts. 

P.S: You’ll also look fresh as a daisy!

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Slather On Some Coconut Oil

Before you step out to celebrate Holi, slather on a generous amount of coconut oil. Apply it to your face, body, hands and legs. Since most Holi colours are heavily pigmented and packed with harmful chemicals, the oil prevents them from penetrating and staining the skin. Not to mention, the oil also helps in cleaning the colour from your body post-Holi. If you don’t have coconut oil, in place of that, you can opt for almond, mustard or olive oil too.

Follow It Up With SPF

how to protect skin from holi colours


After oiling your skin, the next step is to apply SPF. Avoid opting for cream-based SPFs as they’ll make your skin sticky and most probably absorb into the skin. On the other hand, choose waterproof and gel-based SPF. To activate the SPF product post application, you need to wait for 20 minutes before stepping out. This product will protect your skin from UV rays and prevent your skin from getting tanned. 

Note: The effects of sunscreen can last for 3-4 hours, after that it requires reapplication.

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Show Your Pout Some Lippie Love

The chemical colours, the scorching heat and lack of lip protection can dry out the lips. Instead of reaching for your lipstick, apply petroleum jelly or lip balm with SPF instead. Either of the products will keep your lips moist, protected and hydrated.

Always Hydrate

Holi Skincare routine

You’re going to be celebrating Holi in the sun for long hours. Taking frequent sips of water during the day will keep you hydrated, energised and prevent your skin from drying out. If your skin feels irritated or flares up because of the sun or powdered colours, wash it off with cool water immediately and apply aloe gel on the affected area to soothe it.

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Best Post-Holi Skincare Tips

After celebrating Holi, the first thing you should do when you get back home is to make your way to the bathroom. Once you’re in, here’s what you need to do next in your Holi skincare routine. Follow these post-Holi skincare tips for healthy skin!

Holi Shayari in Hindi

Get Drenched In Baby Oil

Baby oil is gentle for the skin and is an excellent product in removing nasty colour stains. So, reach out for your cloth, soak it in baby oil and rub the cloth all over your body. Wait for a couple of minutes and later, wipe your face and body with a warm washcloth. The colour stains should melt off your skin.

Stay Away From Soap or Face Wash

post holi skincare tips

Whether you use a bar of soap or a face wash, you can’t deny the fact that both these products are loaded with chemicals. Since these products are alkaline in nature, they can disrupt the pH balance of the skin. Hence, it’s best to stick to plain water or natural products.

Take The Natural Route

The best way to soothe your skin after playing Holi is to indulge in natural homemade packs and products. Use rose water as a toner to remove oil and colour residue. Follow up with a face pack made from curd, besan and honey. This DIY recipe will help calm tired skin and brighten it at the same time!

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Apply Moisturisuriser After

The harsh colours and UV rays will strip the skin of its oils and moisture. After cleansing, toning and applying a face pack, moisturise your skin with a mild cream. This will prevent your skin from feeling dry and patchy. Don’t forget to apply body lotion all over your feet, hands and stomach too. 

Holi Wishes in Hindi

Note: How to protect your skin from Holi colours and after-effects? Stay away from facials, bleaching and waxing for the next week. Give your skin the time to heal and repair itself. Avoid fragrance heavy products and wear minimal makeup. You should be good to go!

Holi ke Gane

Finish It Off With A Face Oil

The face oil should be the last step in your Holi skincare routine as it helps to lock in moisture and active ingredients in the skin. Not only does it keep your skin smooth, but soft, supple and nourished as well.

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What should we apply on our face before Holi?

As mentioned before, apply coconut oil/mustard oil/almond oil first. Follow it up with sunscreen to minimize sun damage. Don’t forget to coat your lips with a SPF infused lip balm to prevent chapped lips.

What should we apply on our face after Holi?

Baby oil first to remove colour stains and then, opt for natural skincare products to remove colour or oil residue. Don’t forget to moisturise your skin soon after.

How to remove permanent Holi marks from skin?

Any kind of oil works best with removing permanent colour stains from the skin. Post oiling, exfoliate your skin with a coffee-based scrub. This will help to de-tan and remove stubborn colour stains.

Can Holi colours damage the skin?

Holi colours are loaded with chemicals which can irritate the skin and cause it to flare up. Opt for eco-friendly and natural colours. You can also make your own colours at home by using henna, turmeric and Chandan.

Should you wear sunscreen while playing Holi?

Absolutely yes! Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from drying out and prevents premature ageing. Since you’re going to play with colours and water all day, opt for a gel-based, waterproof SPF. This will keep your skin safe and protected all day long.

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Above all things, make sure that you celebrate Holi safely. We have to consider the current pandemic and the environment while celebrating this festival. Avoid large gatherings and make it a close friends and family affair. As far as the environment is concerned, avoid using plastic bags, balloons and plastic water guns, all of these contribute to plastic waste. In place of chemical colours, opt for eco-friendly dyes or flowers. The whole point of this article is to help you look after your skin, health, the environment, and how to protect your face from Holi colours. We hope you have a safe and happy Holi! 

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10 Mar 2022

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