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20+ Holi Rangoli Designs To Add Colour And Joy To Your Celebrations

Who said rangoli is only reserved for Diwali?! When it comes to doing up your home during festivals, rangoli is a must, no matter what the occasion. So this Holi, besides splashing colour on your friends and family, show some love to your home too. We’re sure our Holi rangoli designs will get you super excited!

Different Types Of Rangoli Designs For Holi Festival

If you’re looking for some fancy & funky Holi special rangoli designs, we’ve found the best ones for you!

Peacock Rangoli Design For Holi

We’ve got a mind-blowing Holi rangoli design idea for you. The best part about this rangoli design for Holi is the splash of colours and the beautiful peacock in the middle.

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Traditional Holi Rangoli Design

Add a touch of modernity with a pinch of tradition to your rangoli design for Holi. Use flowers, scented candles, lamps, diyas to add that funky festive vibe to your house.

Holi ke Gane

Dot & Petal Happy Holi Rangoli Design

Dot & petal rangoli design for Holi is perfect for amateurs. All you need is an abundance of flower petals, 2-3 colours of your choice, and small bottle caps to draw dots. Trust us, your friends & family will love it.

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Coloured Rice Happy Holi Rangoli Design

Coloured rice rangoli design for Holi festival is quite an easy way to add a festive vibe to your home. All you need is to dip the rice in coloured water bowls, soak overnight, and use them in place of the rangoli colours. In addition, you can complement your rangoli with beautiful candles around them.

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Circle Holi Special Rangoli Design

This circle happy Holi rangoli design is so pretty and so easy. Use flowers, diyas and vibrant colours of your choice!

Diya Holi Rangoli Design

There is nothing more beautiful than a string of diyas lightened up together. Diya rangoli design for Holi is an excellent choice for anybody who is short on time. You can opt for colourful diyas, paint plain diyas at home and throw some colours and flowers if you want to.


White Rangoli Design For Holi

Rangolis can look as pretty as a picture if made only with one colour. White Holi rangoli design is simple to make on the floor with minimal effort & time. You can skim through different designs on social media & get a sense of how you want to picture your rangoli.

Welcome Rangoli Design For Holi

Bring in that vibrant vibe at the front gate of your house with a welcome Holi rangoli design. You can either do it up with flowers, petals, or colours, that’s totally up to you.

Leaf & Flower Happy Holi Rangoli Design

Leaf & flower is one of the most quintessential combinations that’s sure to impress everyone. The secret tip is to use light coloured flowers with a green leaf background and you have a stunning rangoli design for Holi.

Square Rangoli Design For Holi

One of the most unique designs is the square Holi rangoli design. All you have to make is a few square patterns and fill in with flowers, colours, leaves, or maybe a few beautiful candles.


Water Colour Rangoli Design For Holi

For all the watercolour lovers out there, there’s something for you as well. This rangoli design for Holi is something you’ll love recreating!

Tricolour Holi Rangoli Design

You can include the tricolours in your Holi rangoli design to give it a patriotic feel!

Half Style Rangoli Design For Holi

If you’re someone who loves to keep it simple, a semi-circle rangoli design for Holi is the best. You can make the semi-circle at the front of your house, spreading out towards the exit. Use contrasting colours to fill in & light up some candles too.

Flower Garland Rangoli Design For Holi

A flower garland rangoli design for Holi is everything you need to know about for something basic and subtle. All you need to do is create patterns & borders with long garlands and fill in with petals.


Cute & Simple Rangoli Design For Holi Festival

Cute and simple rangoli designs win over the internet every year. Though you cannot be the perfect rangoli maker, you can try your hands on some simple and stylish rangoli designs.

Family Holi Rangoli Design

Holi is a festival of colours, fun, and, most importantly, the entire family coming together. So get your gang together and create a beautiful rangoli design such as this!

Radha Krishna Holi Rangoli Design

We’ve all heard beautiful stories of how Radha & Krishna used to play Holi together. To make a unique design featuring both the Gods, you’ll need some white powder or chalk to draw precise outlines. To fill in the centre, you can take cues from this design.

Multi-Coloured Holi Rangoli Design

One of the easiest rangoli designs for Holi is a multi-coloured piece of art. All you have to do is pick a simple design and then just fill it up with lots of bright, vibrant colours!


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Doodle Holi Rangoli Design

Doodle art has taken the internet by storm. It has become quite a trend, especially amongst youngsters. Doodle Holi design is something where you can involve your family & friends and let everyone’s imagination run wild!

Bangle & Haldi Kumkum Holi Rangoli Design

No ritual is complete without haldi and kumkum in Hindu tradition. To kickstart your rangoli, place your bangles overlapping one on top of the other. Complement your rangoli with a few fresh white flowers and that’s it!

Hand Print Holi Rangoli Design

Hand Print Holi Rangoli Design
Hand Print – Holi Rangoli Design

We love to make wall prints of our hand-painted with colours, so how can we forget to do the same when it comes to holi. In our childhood too, we use to do the same by making wall impression of our coloured hands.  This Rangoli exactly depicts the same emotions.


Holi Bucket Rangoli Design

This one totally expresses the holi fever we have with gulal, water bucket and pichkari. Try this holi rangoli design this holi and let it be more colourful.

Holi Bucket – happy holi rangoli designs

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14 Mar 2022

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