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#RangBarse: 23 Awesome Things We Do Only on Holi!

Imagine a world in monochrome – boring, right? As Indians we are known to be colourful and we make a huge show out of that fact every year – yep, we are talking about Holi, no points for guessing. It’s that time of the year again when everyone loses their inhibitions and jumps onto the fun bandwagon. We give you a few things that we only do on Holi. So step out and get into the spirit of things – Holi hai! 1. Water balloons, water guns, and colour packets are things you stock up for this watery fest. Yep, it’s going to be war!things we do only on holi 1 2. You prefer to stay at home because you don’t want to get water balloons thrown at you! 3. Spend the whole day getting your jig on in a rain dance. things we do only on holi 3 4. One word – “Bhaang”. Yes this is the only day when it is totally legit to consume copious amounts of this rather amusing intoxicant. Thandai, ladoos, halwa – we put it in everything! things we do only on holi 4 5. Speaking of bhaang, we all have embarrassing stories involving extremely inebriated versions of us which are shared lovingly every Holi. 6. Slathering yourself in oil from head to toe – unless you want to be pink and purple for the next two weeks. 7. You spend at least an hour and a half or more in the shower trying to wash all the colour out from your body, which leaves you so exhausted, you immediately pass out after. things we do only on holi 7 8. You wake up to the sound of music blasting through your windows and your colony kids squealing while running around. 9. Holi is probably the only day you can fulfil your fantasy of being Tata Young in Dhoom. Yes you know we’re talking about the mud bath. 10. You get to bring out your inner child and splash and frolic around in water fully-clothed. things we do only on holi 10 11. You can throw everything from tomatoes to eggs on everyone around you without getting arrested. 12. Start drinking from morning and not stop till the booze finishes or you pass out – we’re talking everything from beer to vodka to paani puri. things we do only on holi 12 13. Going through all that trouble of wrapping your expensive cell phone in ziplocks and plastic bags and checking to see it hasn’t gotten drenched (God forbid!) every so often. 14. Everyone feeds you mithai. In fact you go around from one house to another to greet people and comeback with a mighty sugar rush. 15. Get ready to listen to Rang Barse everywhere you go. If you happen to bump into an enthusiastic bunch, chances are they will be singing the song, accompanied by dhols. things we do only on holi 15 16. Brace yourself for discolored nail beds for the rest of the month. 17. Lecture people around you about the importance of not wasting water. things we do only on holi 17 Image: rubiocartoons.coma 18. Receive and forward messages about using “safe” colours. 19. You take at least 3 minutes to recognize your next door neighbors. 20. As if men needed more excuses to take their shirts off. But we give them Holi nevertheless. things we only do on holi 20 21. One day of not caring at all about what you wear (as long as it’s dark and not transparent) because it won’t be recognizable in a few minutes anyway. 22. You stay indoors all day watching the classics they show on Tv every year from Baghban to Titanic. things we only do on holi 22 23. No worries of getting any ugly pictures clicked as the person with their phone out will probably be moaning about it getting wet the next day.

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06 May 2016
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