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5 Healthy Midnight Snacks you can Easily make!

5 Healthy Midnight Snacks you can Easily make!

Alright ladies – we are all guilty of late night snacking and usually, our midnight snacks on are not the healthiest of foods. But, what do you do when those midnight hunger pangs hit you? Maybe you could give in to the hunger monster growing in your belly, in a healthy, yet delicious way. Here’s a few recipes of midnight snacks that are super easy to whip up, all under 5 minutes and will leave you feeling satisfied and guilt free. Whoever said midnight binge-eating is unhealthy, simply didn’t do it right!

1.  Yoghurt Parfait

This midnight snack combines fresh fruit, crunchy granola and yogurt to create an easy snack you will absolutely love! But, be warned ladies, when you are done making this parfait- you might find it too pretty to eat.

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2. Scrambled Egg Toastie

All of us are only too familiar with the usual scrambled egg routine. But, we at POPxo have learned a whole new way to add some zest to the recipe! It is SO easy to make this healthy snack that you will find yourself gorging at night while wanting to save some for the morning, too. You just need eggs and your favorite veggies to prepare this snacks!

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3. Chilly Paneer Hot Dog

If you have paneer leftovers from dinner, use it to make this delicious midnight snacks. All you have to is sauté chunks of paneer with some capsicums, onions and chilli sauce for flat two minutes. Layer up your hot dog bun or slice of bread with this stuffing. It is completely optional to add cheese. But, we suggest that you do. This meal is comfort food at its best and is certainly one of the tastiest of healthy snacks!

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4. Greek yogurt dip

Ladies, midnight snacks doesn’t get easier than this. You will be surprised to find out how easy, yet tasty this yogurt dip is.The onus is that it is a healthy snack which is guilt-free and delicious. Take some greek yogurt, add in the aforementioned spices. You can indulge in this dip with veggies, or, if you really crave for some carbs, bring out the chips, or pita bread to go with it.

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5. Brownie Mug Cake

I am saving the best of all midnight snacks for the last! This recipe promises you a delicious brownie mug cake midnight snack under 100 calories. (Yes you read that right). All you need is flour, cocoa powder, dash of salt and the most important ingredient, sugar – but only a teaspoon of it. Enjoy your snack of indulgence into the wee hours.

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01 Nov 2017

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