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How Good Is Your French Kissing? Here’s A Guide to Master It Like The French!

How Good Is Your French Kissing? Here’s A Guide to Master It Like The French!

French kiss, like all other things French, is extremely sensual and seductive. It adds another level of intimacy to something that is already so perfect – well, kissing, obviously. If done correctly, it can immediately drive you nuts with desire and make you crave the other person more but if you mess it up, it can be quite sloppy and an instant turn-off! French kiss is an art and like any other art, it gets better only with practice. *Wink*

Now if you’re wondering when I’ll start with the secrets of French kissing, you’re in luck. Here are a few easy tips to help up your game and give you the power to leave your partner weak in the knees!

1. Start Slowly

It’s not a race and it’s definitely not about who gets to use the tongue first. So start out a little slow, testing the waters first. It needs to be mutual and smooth. Start out with a little eye contact. Move in for a kiss and then slowly prod your partner’s mouth with your tongue to see if they’re comfortable with it instead of thrusting it into their mouth.    

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2. Be Passionate

Passion is what makes everything better and a French kiss is no exception. In most cases, overthinking makes everything a little worse. So the best technique for the kiss, in that case, is obviously to get lost in the moment without thinking too much. If it feels good, it is definitely the way to go. 

3. Be Mindful Of How Your Partner Is Responding

It’s very easy to pick up on what your partner is feeling if you pay attention. If they aren’t matching your speed and pace then take things a little slow and step back a bit. If you feel they can’t breathe then take a moment’s break. Just like the negative ones, there are positive signs as well. If they’re clinging on to you, holding you tight and trying to explore more, they are definitely digging what you’re doing.

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4. Use Your Tongue, Umm… Carefully!

This may sound a little mean but do not get over-enthusiastic with the tongue. There’s a very thin line between the perfect amount and too much tongue and that’s what makes all the difference. Don’t be too vigorous. Just lightly brush it over their lower lip or tease by sucking on your partner’s tongue for a few seconds!

5. Where Are Your Hands, Buddy?

Not hanging by your side, we hope! There are so many amazing ways to use your hands so let them explore! Run them through your partner’s hair, hold their hands, grab them by the waist or let them find their way under their shirt. Your hands communicate a lot – like how interested you are or how much you’re loving what’s happening!

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6. Don’t Have Bad Breath

That’s obvious. I mean, I don’t even want to elaborate on that. Chew on some gum if you’re even a little doubtful about it. It really is an instant turn-off!

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7. Let’s Not Be Sloppy

It’s important to keep the drool to the minimum and to yourself. Please do not slobber all over your partner, it’s really unpleasant and does nothing to excite your partner. If you are a wet kisser then take quick breaks to wipe your mouth. It’ll bring a pause to the passion but it’ll still be better than your drool all over them.

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8. Talk About It

Like everything else, this is the most important. Before you jump into it, a casual conversation won’t hurt. And if your partner is not comfortable then just wait it out, we promise it will be worth it!

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15 Feb 2018

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