10 Super Foods That Can Amp Up Your Sex Life – Try Them NOW!

Sharon AlphonsoSharon Alphonso  |  May 6, 2016


Before libido enhancement pills, kinky toys and sex help columns became all the rage, there was food. In fact, it probably does a better job than all the things we listed above! You may not realize this, but food can play a major role in enhancing your sex life. Fuelling your body with healthy, nutritious food is bound to put you on the path to greater sex, yes, but food also acts as an aphrodisiac! Eager to know the names of these super foods that can amp up your sex life? Just read on…

1. “O” Is for Oyster


This salty yet tasty treat can work wonders for your sex life. Not only is it rich in zinc, but it also gives your libido a boost. Along with oysters, we recommend you also try clams, scallops, lobsters and crabs, as all these contain compounds that raise testosterone and estrogen levels in your system. Don’t you feel like giving a your diet a seafood makeover right now?

2. Bring on the Broccoli

brocollimainYou may have hated it when you were a kid, but now you need to learn to love it! Broccoli contains good amount of Vitamin C and is known to improve the female libido. You can boil or stir-fry it, or even make a salad out of it – whatever floats your boat!

3. Add a Dash of Kiwi

kiwimainWho doesn’t love this tropical fruit? We’re sure most of you do! This exotic fruit is loaded with Vitamin C, which helps boost one’s libido and fertility. We wholeheartedly recommend the kiwi as a delicious, healthy, sexy treat!

4. Notch It Up with Spinach


Ever since we saw Popeye the Sailor Man chew on spinach, we have associated it with strength and power. Truth is, it actually is a rich fuel for your system. It contains not just the right minerals but also folic acid. This leafy veggie helps boost both fertility and libido.

5. Figging It


This fruit may look boring, but it has the potential of turning your makeout session into a steamingly hot one! These babies are considered to be excellent stimulants for sex hormones and enhance the secretion of pheromones. Remember that the fig leaf even had a place in Eden. 😉

6. Go Garlic


Any food that contains garlic is considered to be a rich sex stimulant. It helps stimulate circulation and blood flow to your sexual organs. However, just carry a breath freshener with you – garlic breath isn’t much of a turn-on!

7. Strawberry Fields Forever


Not only is this yummy berry a mood lifter, but it also improves one’s sex drive. Team this delicious fruit with chocolate, ice cream or cake to create a heavenly treat. Before the act, make sure you pop a few berries straight into your mouth, and you’ll know what we’re getting at. 😉

8. Have a Nutty Time


Most nuts are known to have high levels of amino acids in them. These goody treats help with boosting sex drive and enhancing arousal. They also help reduce cholesterol. A handful of these natural treats is way better than any manmade stimulant out there in the market!

9. Unwrap the Chocolate


Dark, milk or white chocolate have the ability of doing wonders for your mood and sex drive. This yummy treat contains tryptophan, which is responsible for the production of serotonin. This natural feel-good chemical plays a huge role in sexual arousal. No wonder for years chocolate has linked with love and sex!

10. Spice Things Up with Chilli Peppers


Want to make your sex life even spicier? We’ve got the solution, and it’s chili peppers! This pungent fruit acts as a natural blood thinner, stimulates your metabolism and releases endorphins. Chillis also make for the cheapest and easiest way to spice up your love life. So what are you waiting for? Indulge in them already!


Images: Wikimedia Commons

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